At its heart, SecondMuse is a group of people working vigorously to better the world we live in. We do this by putting people first, boldly challenging ourselves to find solutions to complex issues and fearlessly introducing new ideas that may, at times, seem impossible.

As an impact and innovation company, we are inclusive and mandate diversity in every program we pioneer — because we believe that diversity is absolutely vital in enabling innovative solutions. We also believe that resolutions to inequality and injustices are waiting to be found. Every day we see talent, intellect, passion, and energy invested in developing some of the greatest inventions and technology that has and will continue to change humanity.  What if we put a fraction of that effort into solving some of the injustices of the world?  It’s a tall order, we know; but if we don’t take the lead, who will?

At SecondMuse,

We can be successful in building and scaling economic systems without sacrificing the well-being of our planet and humanity.

That every person in every community deserves to thrive — individually and together.

The greatest innovative solutions are created by bringing together diverse groups.

That thousands of small actions can bring us further than one sweeping action that can’t be sustained.




SecondMuse Founded

SecondMuse started as a radical experiment. We wanted to see if we could build new economic relationships without employing competitive frameworks. We had a theory of change rooted in collaboration and inclusion, and a vision of a prosperous future that was just and equitable for all.



Together with initial core partners including Google, Microsoft, NASA and The World Bank, we co-founded Random Hacks of Kindness, a global hackathon movement to drive collective action towards specific outcomes. One Hackathon solution proved integral to the Haiti earthquake response the following year.



We co-founded an annual global hackathon innovation incubation program with NASA, focusing on generating solutions for challenges in space and on the earth. Space Apps has grown to be a global community of passionate problem solvers.



LAUNCH, one of our flagship programs supporting innovators across the world, expanded to Europe. As part of the expansion, LAUNCH collaborated with new partners such as IKEA, Novozymes, and Kvadrat to explore building a circular society.



Building on our work with the New York City Economic Development Corporation to promote a culture of innovation and commercialization within New York City’s industrial business, design and engineering communities, we launched the Futureworks program to focus on incubating startups and entrepreneurs for the hardware manufacturing industry. This work was instrumental to develop the climate tech program for the state of New York with New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.



SecondMuse started to grow exponentially as we began to operate in Asia-Pacific with a focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainability. In 2017, we initiated the groundwork for programs that were launched in subsequent years such as Frontier Incubators and Seafood Innovation Program.



Building on our experience developing inclusive economies, we launched Gender Equality in Tech (GET) Cities, an initiative designed to accelerate the representation and leadership of women in tech. It is based on our conviction that a  thriving tech economy that meets the demands of the future will only exist when all workforce talent is engaged and has an equal opportunity to advance.


Co-Chief Executive Officer


Co-Chief Executive Officer

Carrie is the Co-CEO of SecondMuse and is responsible for the performance of the company and its alignment to strategy. On a day to day basis, Carrie is broadly responsible for the global delivery of SecondMuse’s work, and steering the ship.

Passionate about sustainability, equality and innovation, Carrie has worked to advance these on a global stage as an entrepreneur and previously as an intrapreneur. She’s pushed the theory of complex collaboration between governments, business, and communities throughout her career. Prior to joining SecondMuse, Carrie spent 15 years at Intel in various management positions. In her last role there as Director of Sustainable Business Innovation,she pioneered strategies around a corporate impact investing fund and the development of technology market solutions related to natural resource management and climate change. In 2009, Carrie formed the corporate sustainability group and directed corporate-wide efforts working with key stakeholders to ensure industry leadership. Carrie has championed gender equality and women in STEM by initiating, designing and leading programs; while also coaching and mentoring other women.

Carrie has had numerous advisory and board positions that span the for-profit, non-profit, public and philanthropic sectors. She regularly speaks globally on the roles of technology, sustainability, gender equality, innovation and corporate responsibility. Carrie calls New Mexico her home and in 2012 was honored as a New Mexico 40 Under 40 Business Leader.

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Todd Khozein

Co-Chief Executive Officer

Todd is the Co-CEO at SecondMuse. For the last twenty years Todd Khozein has been involved in the study and application of systems theory, in particular as it applies to economic development. Beginning with the use of biological systems as models for cashew farming cooperatives in Honduras, he went on to develop and build businesses in multiple industries.

For the past ten years since co-founding SecondMuse he has accelerated over 300 impact business, raising over $500M and generating over $13B in market value. At the center of this work is the development of economies that create social and environmental justice.
Todd is proud to serve on the Board of Directors of TechSoup Global, a leader in capacity building for civil society world-wide, and Circulate Initiative, whose mission it is to end ocean plastic waste.

Chief Financial Officer

Chad Badiyan

Chief Financial Officer

Chad is the Chief Financial Officer at SecondMuse and Managing Director of SecondMuse Capital.

As a business professional with 25 years experience in management, systems design and technology, he believes collaboration is fundamental in addressing the complex problems facing humanity. His current work is focused on designing and launching capital mechanisms to finance more inclusive and resilient economies.

Prior to founding SecondMuse in 2008, he worked in Mexico as executive director of a public foundation, served on the startup team of an online university in Iran, and ran a knowledge management company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He holds a BA from Purdue University and MBA from the University of St. Thomas.

Global Head Of Impact

Stuart Gill

Global Head Of Impact

Dr Stuart Gill is the Global Head of Impact at SecondMuse. Stuart is a pioneer in the practice of applying networks and communities to economic development through the acceleration of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Stuart believes that the connections enabled by new technologies create new economic and social value, firstly by generating new data and insight, and secondly by facilitating relationships and belonging. Further, he believes that these connections change the nature of power and thus our approach and capacity to grow a healthy and equitable society. Before coming to SecondMuse, Stuart founded the first innovation group at the World Bank and built public-private partnerships across a spectrum of global challenges. Before the Bank, Stuart taught and researched in the Department of Astrophysics at Columbia University in the City of New York.

Manager, Finance

Inar Andrea

Manager, Finance

Based in Bali, Inar Andrea is the Finance Manager for SecondMuse Indonesia. Working with SecondMuse’s global team of finance, legal, HR, and operations, she implements company-wide policies and practices in Indonesia while accomodating the unique needs and perspectives of the Indonesian team and entity. She also assists financial functions of SecondMuse Global and associated entities in Australia, Singapore, and the US, helping to maintain and improve the financial systems as well as reporting processes for the company and its projects.

Passionate about organizing, Inar brings 7 years of experience in event management and 3 years in HR, finance, and accounting. Prior to joining SecondMuse, she worked at an International Festival and a Creative Hub in Bali, working closely to assist the director and took part in supporting local business incubation. Working largely with the creative community, Inar has a deep understanding of how to create impact with a diverse community and cater to their needs.

In her free time, Inar runs various community events mostly with the fashion and food community, including Pasar Jajan Sanur and Fashion Revolution in Bali. Equipped with new knowledge in financial management, Inar dreams to become a patron and voluntarily spread her knowledge to help youth entrepreneurs.

Senior Associate, Finance

Suprayogi Anggoro

Senior Associate, Finance

Suprayogi (Yogi) is the Senior Associate, Finance at SecondMuse, based in Bali, Indonesia. His role is mainly focused on supporting the finance team in the Asia-Pacific region and helping with the daily administrative and operations for the Indonesian team. His work includes supporting the Asia-Pacific team to process all financial obligations in an accurate and timely manner, while also ensuring that the company operations are always adhering to respective local regulations.

SecondMuse’s vision of building inclusive economies and their innovative implementation motivates Yogi to join the company as he strives to bring a positive impact to the community. Yogi has extensive experience as an accountant in multiple companies before joining SecondMuse.

Outside his work, Yogi enjoys learning new stuff such as software development & basic computer programming. He loves playing PC games, reading manga/comics, and watching movies.

Director, Secondmuse Capital

Natalia Arjomand

Director, Secondmuse Capital

Natalia is a Director at SecondMuse Capital, the financial management arm of SecondMuse. In her role she leads the Future Economy Lab, a global research and design lab to innovate how we finance the development of new economies. The lab takes a collaborative approach to designing financing mechanisms to create inclusive and resilient economies. She has worked with a wide variety of clients including Nike, NASA, USAID, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the World Bank to name a few.

Natalia is passionate about the power of business to be a driving force for good in our society. She believes that we must fundamentally rethink the role of capital in our society and create new mechanisms that take into account environmental and societal well being. Prior to SecondMuse, Natalia was a strategy consultant with Deloitte in sustainability, shared value, and finance. Natalia began her career working in finance at Lehman Brothers and Barclays Capital. She holds a MBA and a Master’s in International Development from American University and a Bachelor’s in Finance with a Minor in Entrepreneurship from the University of Florida.

Natalia considers herself a global citizen and has been influenced by many cultures. She was born in Brazil to Iranian parents, educated in the United States, and now lives with her husband and two boys in Montreal, Canada.

Senior Design Manager


Senior Design Manager

Cristina is a Senior Design Manager at SecondMuse. She is actively engaged in the development, implementation, and codification of the SecondMuse Practice Framework. As part of the Practice Group, she uses human-centered approaches to increase design capacity and supports program teams with design research and design.

Cristina strives to bridge the gap between systems thinking, human experiences, and design via trust-driven collaboration. She believes that by incorporating the voices of the people we intend to design for and with, we can build systems of belonging. She has experience in the academic, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors, and her work has spanned across design strategy, community engagement, and social impact programming. Prior to joining SecondMuse, she received her MA in Social Innovation from the University of San Diego.

Having grown up between cultures in Puerto Rico and Lebanon, Cristina speaks just about five languages. She is passionate about traveling and experiencing new cultures. Cristina also enjoys playing tennis, making pottery, baking, and occasionally learning to play the guitar. On any given day, you might find her strolling through the beaches in Puerto Rico or California, or exploring art and design venues!

Global Head of Circularity

Simon Baldwin

Global Head of Circularity

As the Global Head of Circularity at SecondMuse, Simon leads programs focused on strengthening circular and regenerative economic systems and processes. This work currently includes The Incubation Network in South and Southeast Asia, and the Ocean Plastic Pollution Accelerator (OPPA) in Indonesia, both of which are built around addressing ocean plastic pollution.

Simon is a systems architect, researcher, and entrepreneur who is committed to foregrounding communities in developing solutions that tackle today's most complex and pressing social and environmental challenges. His experience extends through the private, government, non-government and UN sectors in more than a dozen countries. His insights and research has been published widely and across multiple platforms.

Simon lives in Singapore with his wife and two children.

Senior Director, Health & Local Economies

David Ball

Senior Director, Health & Local Economies

David Ball is the Senior Director of SecondMuse's Health & Local Economies portfolio, which includes the Headstream Accelerator, Rooted and Rising Collective, and Youth 2 Innovator Incubator. Over the last three years, David has driven this portfolio of initiatives focused on working with changemakers and incumbent powers to create digital places and experiences where young people can thrive.

Previously, David has led education, economic development, and social entrepreneurship programs around the world. These programs have ranged from an education initiative with Major League Baseball in the Dominican Republic to the development of a commercialization and conservation strategy for the US National Park Service.

SecondMuses Health and Local Economies portfolio focuses on supporting social media, gaming, digital health and ed-tech innovations for young people. Over the last three years, they have supported 50+ entrepreneurs building solutions for Black, Latinx, Indigenous and LGBTQIA+ young people. Our work is driven by a community of 1,500+ people and backed by research efforts such as the recently published tool, Digital Delta.

In between leading the short-handed SecondMuse basketball team, David strives to sleep at least 30 nights under the stars every year. He has an MBA from the University of North Carolina and an MVG (Most Valuable Gringo) award from his time playing in the Nicaraguan Baseball League.

Global Head of Sustainable Finance & Innovation, SecondMuse Capital

Erica Barbosa Vargas

Global Head of Sustainable Finance & Innovation, SecondMuse Capital

Erica is Global Head of Innovation and Sustainable Finance at SecondMuse Capital, the financial and investment arm of SecondMuse. In this role, Erica is responsible for integration of sustainability practices and impact across all investment work and for the development of innovative financial mechanisms, including blended finance. The purpose of this work is to better connect large asset owners and investors with investment opportunities to advance the SDGs and the development of new economies around the world.

Erica joined SecondMuse Capital from the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation, where as Director of Solutions Finance she led strategies for financial innovation and integration of the Foundation's financial assets to support social and economic system's transformation. Erica spearheaded the Foundation’s impact investing practice, which includes a multi-asset impact investing portfolio ($130M AUM), blended finance approaches; and ESG integration within the Foundation's endowment ($700M AUM). Prior to McConnell Erica had 13 years of global professional experience in the private sector and international development, primarily in Latin America, Canada and the UK. Erica co-founded Educating the Streets-Building Society, an award-winning program for capabilities development of youth and working children in Bolivia. She completed undergraduate studies in behavioral psychology and neuroscience, holds an MPA in Public and Economic Policy from the London School of Economics & Political Science. She specializes in innovation and systems dynamics for inclusive economic development.

An original from Bolivia, Erica is passionate about building a world in which every person has the opportunity and freedom to develop their full potential and one where we live in harmony with the planet.

Director, Programs, The Incubation Network


Director, Programs, The Incubation Network

Laura is the Director, Programs at SecondMuse for The Incubation Network. Laura oversees the Ventures, Networks and Market Systems Innovation teams, bringing together incubators and accelerators, entrepreneurs and innovators, investors, NGOs, and government leaders from across the region to develop and scale impactful solutions to combat ocean plastic pollution.

Time and time again, Laura has seen how human-centred design can be applied to complex issues to create positive change. Having lived and worked in both developed and developing countries, she is passionate about working collaboratively to improve waste management and recycling systems aimed at preventing the flow of plastic waste into the world’s ocean. Drawing on her experience as a consultant for the public and development sectors, Laura brings the ability to harness both top-down and bottom-up approaches to the plastics challenge.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Laura exploring different countries and cultures across Asia, FaceTiming her nieces or baking up a storm in the kitchen using old family recipes.

Senior Program Manager, Headstream

Dani Bicknell

Senior Program Manager, Headstream

Dani is the Senior Program Manager for SecondMuse’s youth health and wellbeing innovation program, Headstream. Based in San Francisco, Dani works with cohorts of social entrepreneurs, known as innovators, around the globe to scale their impact. Dani helps manage the success of the participating innovators to challenge existing solutions and push for changes in public policy or conscious private sector alliances through SecondMuse’s network partners. Dani has over a decade of experience working in cross-sector collaboration to build more inclusive economies and prepare the next generation for the future of work.

Dani is passionate about using education as a force for social good and she has a background in financial technology, education, startups, and gender equality. Before joining SecondMuse she was a Social Impact Advisor at UC Berkeley and Program Manager for an early-stage social impact accelerator. During her career, she was on the founding team of LendUp, a financial technology company, worked as a program specialist for the gender equality division at UNESCO’s headquarters, and advised international organizations and companies through her own social impact consultancy. Her experiences living and working in North America, South America, and Europe have equipped and provided her with opportunities to work with diverse populations and learn from stakeholders of all backgrounds. Dani believes in education without borders and using cross-cultural learning to create a world that works for all and not just the privileged few.

Dani is an empath by nature and a life-long learner. When Dani is not working, she loves collaborating with others, traveling, cooking, gardening, and hiking.

Director, Marketing & Communications

Simone Byrd

Director, Marketing & Communications

Simone Byrd is the Director of Marketing & Communications at SecondMuse. She is responsible for collaborating with our programs to create marketing and communications strategies that support our efforts. As a confident self-starter with a collaborative spirit, Simone is willing to tackle complex challenges to support our programs and achieve our collective goals.

Simone draws on her experience in the strategic development and tactical execution of successful campaigns for niche and mass-market brands. She has a passion for branding and brings an ability to concept fresh ideas in order to meet objectives and garner results within the ideal target audience. Prior to SecondMuse, Simone had a realization in which she felt a sense of urgency to involve herself in projects that are impact-driven. She is deeply rooted in her commitment to fulfilling the work that SecondMuse is doing to build ecosystems.

Simone happily resides in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she had been for over a decade after spending some time in California and growing up in Laramie, Wyoming. Beyond her work, she enjoys exploring experimental cooking, snuggling with her cats, coaching basketball, and any fitness activity that keeps her moving.

Coaching and Development Manager


Coaching and Development Manager

Melina is the Coaching and Development Manager at SecondMuse. With a mission to further cultivate an enriching and nourishing workplace, Melina sits at the intersection between teams – she crosses borders, builds bridges, and is always looking for ways for staff and community members to feel connected, supported, and joyful. Melina facilitates teams and programs, coaches individual team members, and loves initiatives that weave between groups and ecosystem players.
As a global citizen, social entrepreneur, and community organiser, Melina has a passion for facilitating groups and individuals to do great things. She is a proud member of the global communities of practice DSIL Global and Enspiral Network. Melina also served as Startup Ecosystem Adviser for the City of Melbourne, supporting startups to thrive and bring about a more vibrant and sustainable city. Prior to SecondMuse, Melina spent 5 years living in Battambang, Cambodia, where she co-founded the initiatives of Kinyei International: Kinyei Cafe, a vocational training espresso cafe and Soksabike Tours, a cultural heritage bicycle tour company.
Melina is a Third Culture Kid and member of the queer community who loves to roller skate and discovers nature trails. Recently, she moved to Campbell’s Creek, Australia, trying the country life and learning first-hand about sustainable living, from rainwater and greywater to composting. She’s enjoying her worm farm, veggie garden, and backyard view full of kangaroos.
Global Head of Food and Nature-based Solutions


Global Head of Food and Nature-based Solutions

Kristin is the Global Head of Food and Nature-based Solutions at SecondMuse. Her work is focused on systems transformation through social entrepreneurship, sustainable business, and fostering cross-sector collaboration. Kristin uses experience design, systems thinking, and cross-sector network cultivation to drive local, national, and global change.

Prior to SecondMuse, she raised more than $65M to design and develop dozens of award winning sustainable tourism destinations across the globe. Each destination championed local economies, local conservation, and local culture through every touch point of the guest experience.

Senior Research Manager

Riza Aryani

Senior Research Manager

Riza is a Senior Research Manager at SecondMuse based in Lombok, Indonesia. As part of the Impact, Research and Learning team, she manages research and provides analysis support for programs across the company. Through data collection and analysis, her work contributes to strengthening our program design and implementation.

Through her research, Riza seeks to understand how change happens, and how it can benefit the community and the environment. She believes in the power of getting the story right, including understanding how change affects different groups and communities differently. Riza has extensive field and research experience focused on addressing complex collective action problems such as tropical deforestation and rural development in Indonesia. Having worked directly with government stakeholders, communities and farmers on the ground, Riza has developed an appreciation for the challenges of translating data and information into actionable plans on the ground.

When not working, Riza spends her time hiking, snorkeling (or just be at the beach), and learning how to grow flowers.

Director of Finance


Director of Finance

As Director of Finance at Secondmuse, Heidi oversees the Finance team and functions across four global entities. Working closely with our CFO, she is responsible for the co-development and implementation of policies and processes that ensure accuracy and compliance of SecondMuse finances, enabling integration of data across programs and the globe.

A committed believer in the principles of collaboration and unity in diversity, and with an interest in ecological and systems thinking, Heidi was deeply attracted by the approach of SecondMuse to advancing efforts to advance solutions to the toughest challenges faced by humanity. The full range of challenges addressed by SecondMuse make her work in the company meaningful as she strives to maximize her impact from within, bringing an eclectic career experience spanning science, the music industry, eco-hospitality, and Main Street business management.

Outside her work day, Heidi prioritizes family, leads local children’s activities, enjoys mountain biking and hiking, travel, gardening, and practices the Japanese tea ceremony.

Program Manager, Technology Programs

Bridgette Johnson

Program Manager, Technology Programs

Bridgette is a Program Manager for Technology Programs at SecondMuse based in Portland, Oregon. As a Senior Associate, Bridgette manages projects, people and research. She supports incredible programs through their entire lifecycle: research, design, launch, and implementation and evaluation. She manages large communities and mentor networks that engage in our programs across the globe. Her work has included supporting a global food vision accelerator funded by The Rockefeller Foundation - The Food System Vision Prize - and NASA Space Apps Challenge, a global hackathon. She designed and led Headstream’s Digital Delta: a free, crowdsourced research tool that identifies the most fundamental contributors to adolescent wellbeing in digital spaces.

Bridgette believes in collective action and community driven approaches as a force of change. With a background in academic research, she works to distill complex problems so that that the communities she works with can improve systems that perpetuate inequities. She works to understand how individuals and communities can thrive and create impact that is co-created, lasting and outlives our involvement.

When Bridgette isn’t at work, she loves to be outside whether it is walking, biking, camping, or backpacking. She is most at home on a walk with her dog Yuki listening to a good audio book. She enjoys cooking a shared meal with good company and dancing to ABBA.


Senior Director

Jeremy is a Senior Director at SecondMuse, with an expertise in designing and managing large complex projects, including open innovation programs, incubators and accelerators, and convening complex systems to identify and implement solutions to hard challenges.

Prior to managing LAUNCH, Jeremy experience spanned both private and public clients, including launching the Solar Decathlon program in China with Applied Materials, developing early education markets in the US with the Kellogg and Packard Foundations, helping PEMEX find new technologies to reduce flaring and venting in Mexico and working with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to build local economies in the Indian Ocean region through aquaculture. All of this work, and prior roles with UK Trade and Investment, the UK’s Science and Innovation Network and as a board member at INCLUDED.org, has made Jeremy realize that all problems are solvable, if you can help the right people to come together and work towards a common North Star.

Jeremy loves spending time outside, and is always trying to convince friends and family to join him on his next camping trip or a bbq at the beach, if you fancy, let him know!

Senior Associate, Marketing & Communications

Raven A. Keenan

Senior Associate, Marketing & Communications

Raven is a Senior Associate of Marketing & Communications at SecondMuse. As a Sr Communications Associate, Raven manages the day to day communications strategies for different SecondMuse programs. She supports compelling programs through their branding and communications lifecycle. Her work includes supporting the Earth Observing Dashboard Hackathon, a global hackathon in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton, NASA Earth, European Space Agency, and Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency. She has also led the communications strategy for a program designated to uplift young, black Los Angeles based creators and the journey increase their knowledge of mental health and digital creativity.

Raven believes in making impact through intention setting. With a background in advocacy, she works to find solutions for equal justice across all classes, cultures, and communities.

Raven is passionate about racial justice and equity. She is also passionate about transforming lives for the greater good of the community. Prior to working at SecondMuse, Raven served as the Digital Communications manager for the Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation and Second Act Communities in Virginia Beach, Virginia. While working at the VBCDC, she immersed herself in learning and understanding the wants and needs of the homeless veterans population and how to better engage the Hampton Roads community by providing tools and resources that would make an impact in better serving those American heroes.

In her free time, Raven spends quality time with her family and German Shepherd, Apollo. She also enjoys yoga, reading articles from her favorite author Damon Young, catching up on the latest music releases, and writing about the culture.

Senior Manager, Org Learning & Development

Kate Key

Senior Manager, Org Learning & Development

Kate Key is the Senior Manager of Organizational Learning & Development at SecondMuse and supports the leadership of the company by ongoing management of system-wide meetings, thought partnership, content creation and implementation, organizing resources, and supporting on project implementation. Additionally Kate spends time supporting and implementing company-wide processes which aid in the betterment of our team to create lasting and important impact across the globe. Kate also serves on the Learning and Development core team of 2M which seeks to strategically develop and enhance systems to retain, organize, and develop SecondMuse’s institutional knowledge in order to continue to build capacity at the company-level as well as to positively impact the ecosystems in which we work and live.

Kate cares deeply about creating sustainable systems to benefit future generations.

Passionate about organizational leadership through an educational and developmental lens, Kate’s graduate studies focused on educational support systems at the collegiate and university level. From this came her desire to focus on the study of understanding how systems, processes,and organizations or individuals learn together, retain, and share knowledge across dispersed and diverse ecosystems. Kate is also focused on creating systems which allow for pathways of development both internally as well as externally at the community and ecosystem level so as to create developmentally sustainable, equitable, and inclusive solutions conducive to a better and more responsible future.

Kate is originally from Omaha, Nebraska but is now very much at home and invested in the Albuquerque community.

Director of Operations, GET Cities

Casey Koppelson

Director of Operations, GET Cities

Casey manages operations for GET (Gender Equality in Tech) Cities, a SecondMuse Foundation's initiative designed to accelerate the representation and leadership of women in tech through the development of inclusive tech hubs across the United States. Previously she managed the NYCEDC BigApps Blockchain challenge in New York City, connecting city government stakeholders with members of the blockchain startup community to develop blockchain applications that address civic issues.

Casey loves building teams of smart, passionate people to tackle big problems. Before joining SecondMuse, Casey led PR and Communications at the open-source hardware company littleBits, where she worked to empower everyone to invent, play and share using electronic building blocks, in partnership with Disney, Walmart and Google, among others. And prior to that, she drove and sold food trucks in LA, where she learned how to literally put out fires (always useful in the operations world).

Casey was previously a civic sector management consultant at Bennett Midland in NYC, working with clients such as the United Way and the NYC Department of Investigation. She received her bachelor's degree in Public & Private Sector Organizations from Brown University, and was a Kiva Fellow in the Philippines, where she worked on microfinance projects in and around Manila. She currently lives in Berkeley, CA.

Business Development Manager

Varsha Kalavar

Business Development Manager

Varsha is a Business Development Manager for SecondMuse. Her primary focus is on helping build the capacity needed within the company for growth and scaling. This includes engaging in conversation about the direction of our company’s growth strategy, supporting high priority opportunities across the company and leading the research, identification, and coordination of opportunities with teams across the company.

Varsha is passionate about utilizing economic sustainability and innovative partnerships to eliminate social inequities globally. Her past consulting analyst experience both globally and locally through her time as a Market Research Analyst at Second Harvest Food Bank and a consulting fellowship, which centered on using social entrepreneurship to help eradicate poverty for marginalized communities, made her believe that innovative solutions already exist in every community she has worked in. It is a lack of access to resources and tools that hinders these innovative solutions from changing the
world. She believes that bridging that gap means working with social enterprises all over the world get to market and lay the foundation for their local economies.

Varsha holds a BS in Public Health and BA in Economics from Santa Clara University. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to new countries, exploring local food scenes, and dancing in the rain. Her joy and inspiration come from meeting new people all around the world and hearing their stories, which then motivates her to do the work she does at SecondMuse and beyond.

Senior Associate, Marketing & Communications

Elsa Landis

Senior Associate, Marketing & Communications

Elsa is a Senior Associate of Marketing & Communications at SecondMuse where she collaborates to develop and execute innovative marketing and communications strategies to build awareness for the international brand. Through strategy implementation and content creation, Elsa's work aims to promote the unique approach SecondMuse takes when solving the world's most complex issues.

Elsa is deeply interested in the power of storytelling and the ways it can help create a more just world. Driven by a desire to work in impact-oriented spaces, she began her career in the non-profit sector focused on branding and digital marketing. Elsa joined SecondMuse because she is passionate about creating economies and systems in which all humans have equitable opportunities to participate and thrive.

Elsa has a BA in English with a concentration in Creative Writing from Franklin & Marshall College. Outside of work Elsa enjoys reading, yoga and spending time with friends and family.

Maegan Lillis Portrait
Director, Research & Development

Maegan Lillis

Director, Research & Development

As the Director of Research & Development at SecondMuse, Maegan works on operationalizing the company's theory of change at multiple levels through impact measurement and management approaches. She supports SecondMuse's programs on assessing their required levels of evidence, understanding their contributions to their desired outcomes, and evaluating their effectiveness. Maegan also manages Impact Navigator, a new free digital tool built with SecondMuse’s Headstream community that helps entrepreneurs and investors in the youth wellbeing sector find and utilize evidence-based metrics from the field of positive youth development.

Maegan’s career has focused on advancing equity by leveraging resources for social entrepreneurs to achieve their missions that center community solutions. She has worked in models like strategic philanthropy, social enterprise acceleration, homelessness, corporate social responsibility, and theory of change consulting; and believes that impact measurement and management models that strengthen bridges between the knowledge of researchers, practitioners, and community leaders can promote justice. Maegan studied Peace + Justice Studies and Community Health at Tufts University, and holds a Masters in Social Business and Entrepreneurship from the London School of Economics.

After living in Tokyo as a child, Nepal as a young adult, and London as a grad student, Maegan now lives in Oakland, CA where she is usually found walking around Lake Merritt, exploring the landscapes of the Bay Area, planning her next trip, and enjoying the bountiful food, art, music, comedy, and culture.

Global Head of Technology & Manufacturing

Neisan Massarrat

Global Head of Technology & Manufacturing

Neisan Massarrat is the Global Head of Technology & Manufacturing at SecondMuse, with over 13 years of experience in business innovation and international development. Neisan has worked with Fortune 100 corporations, governments and Multilateral Development Banks, including Intel Corporation, NASA, Nike, NYCEDC, DFAT, USAID and the World Bank Group. His expertise covers open innovation, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, ESG investing, AI/big data and public-private partnerships.

Neisan has worked across multiple sectors, from economic resilience to climate change, disaster risk management, high tech and data innovation. He has developed and executed over 60 projects across more than 30 countries, including the global platform NASA International Space Apps Challenge and the World Bank’s big data strategy.

Based in Washington, DC, Neisan is passionate about addressing complex development challenges through collaboration, human-centered design and technology. Prior to SecondMuse, Neisan was a senior consultant on corporate strategy at Germany’s development agency GIZ.

Senior Associate, Growth & Research

Andrea Caldwell

Senior Associate, Growth & Research

Andrea is a Senior Associate for Growth & Research at SecondMuse, based in Washington D.C. In her role, she informs SecondMuse’s growth strategy by leading research on the global funding landscape. Andrea also works with all of SecondMuse’s program teams to help find opportunities for them to collaborate and partner with relevant stakeholders.

Andrea has always been driven by her desire to ensure all populations have access to the resources they need to thrive. Before joining SecondMuse, Andrea spent two years working in philanthropy where she advocated for marginalized communities to have access to philanthropic funds. Andrea also spent time in Colombia working for an NGO where she led research that sought to understand the reality of rural secondary education programs. Because of these experiences, Andrea has come to realize how essential it is to build bridges between people to tackle big issues in an equitable way. Thankfully at SecondMuse, she gets to do just that.

Andrea is a proud Latina who wants to build loving communities. She holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley in Development Studies and is a first-generation college graduate. She's the happiest when she's at her pottery wheel, dancing, laughing with family and friends, and doing meaningful work.

Global Head of Marketing & Communications

Taylor McLaughlin

Global Head of Marketing & Communications

Taylor is the Global Head of Marketing & Communications at SecondMuse where she’s responsible for owning and driving the global brand and creating, developing, and executing communications and marketing strategies for the organization. Taylor is a dynamic, forward- thinking Digital Marketer with expertise in shaping organizations and expanding audiences through creative storytelling. Her experience exemplifies digital and social media acumen, innovative and strategic mindset, and thought leadership in emerging communications, platforms, and channels.

Prior to joining SecondMuse in 2019, Taylor was the Global Head of Digital & Social Media for Anheuser-Busch InBev, where she was responsible for leading the strategy, planning, and execution of creative content across digital and media experiences. Previously, she has worked at Pfizer, where she led a number of award-winning content marketing programs, and at The Estee Lauder Companies, where she created content for internal and external audiences including website design, social strategy, speech writing, and video production.

Taylor holds a BA in Culture and Media Studies from Bucknell University. She is also a Director on the Marion Moore Foundation.

Global Head of Program Design & Innovation


Global Head of Program Design & Innovation

Katey is the Global Head of Program Design and Innovation at SecondMuse. For 8 years she has designed, supported and led over two dozen programs. Her early work included open innovation programs like Space Apps, the Blue Economy Challenge and National Day of Civic Hacking. Katey went on to establish the New York City (NYC) Hub, growing a portfolio of entrepreneur support programs for Next Top Makers to a multi-year, multi-program climate tech and manufacturing suite of programs. Under Katey’s leadership, NYC became the testing site for community sourced incubator programming which laid the foundation for the ecosystem development work. Over the past year, Katey led the launch of GET (Gender Equality in Tech) Cities and securing five years of funding for early stage innovators under the For Climate Tech brand.
Program Director, Technology Programs


Program Director, Technology Programs

Marie is responsible for the management and implementation of client facing projects including NIST’s Public Safety Communication Research program.

Prior to joining SecondMuse, Marie worked for the largest college honor society, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars, for seven years as the Associate Director of Strategic Partnerships & Programs. In this role, she found her passion for leading and executing engaging events while also bringing shared value through forming community partnerships.

Marie is an avid runner, yogi, and hiker. She’s also a lover of international travel with her family residing in Madrid, Spain. When she’s not cheering for favorite sports teams, the Washington Caps or Nats, you can find Marie volunteering with several DC based non-profits such as Back On My Feet, LearnServe International, and LadiesDC.

Global Communications Strategist

Carley Mostar

Global Communications Strategist

Carley is a Global Communications Strategist who partners with our programs to help them reach their audiences and goals through marketing and narrative development. She is deeply committed to cross-sector innovation as a strategy to tackle our biggest social and environmental challenges, and she brings that interdisciplinary and collaborative approach to her marketing research and strategy development as well.

Prior to joining SecondMuse, Carley was an independent consultant for nonprofits and social enterprises, bringing strategic expertise in assets-based messaging, partnership development, and impact communications. Her work contributed to the launch and realignment of capital campaigns and marketing strategies to build community and advocacy around issues like ethical manufacturing, gender and racial equity, access to education, and mental health awareness. Carley also brings almost ten years of experience telling human-centered stories as a documentary filmmaker and producer, working with nonprofits and social enterprises, as well as corporate clients like Hallmark and Walgreens. Her video work has been seen on PBS, DIY Network, HGTV, TLC, and screens and film festivals around the world.

Carley lives in Chicago and holds an MBA from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a BFA from Washington University in St. Louis.

Program Manager, Inclusive Markets, The Incubation Network

Sarah van Boekhout

Program Manager, Inclusive Markets, The Incubation Network

Sarah is the Program Manager, Inclusive Markets at SecondMuse for The Incubation Network (TIN), an initiative in South and Southeast Asia that is catalysing a reduction in ocean plastic waste and an improvement in livelihoods for informal waste workers, especially women and girls. In her role Sarah provides broad support for TIN's workstreams and its member projects, with the goal of enhancing impacts and harnessing collective knowledge towards more circular and inclusive economies in the region.

Originally from New Zealand, Sarah brings more than a decade of experience managing business operations and social impact projects in the United States, Australia, and Cambodia. She has called Cambodia home for the past several years, and while working across a range of industries, from music to sanitation, Sarah has focussed on the advancement of women's economic empowerment and on working with youth entrepreneurs. Sarah is an active mentor for female-led small and growing businesses via Impact Hub Phnom Penh and The Asia Foundation's Women in Tek Network, and is a member of the Asia New Zealand Foundation's Leadership Network.

Outside of work Sarah enjoys running, yoga, reading, and tropical weather.

Director of Research, GET Cities

Sarah A. Outland

Director of Research, GET Cities

Sarah is the Director of Research at SecondMuse Foundation based in Chicago, Illinois. Sarah leads the national research and learning agenda for GET (Gender Equality in Tech) Cities, in addition to supporting research and impact measurement across SecondMuse. As a sociologist, Sarah is influenced by the stories people tell and using individual and collective experiences to impact social change.

Sarah loves learning about people by talking to people. Before this, she spent two years in a high school, learning how the addition of 1:1 computing impacted the school day. Talking to teenagers every day, learning about their lives and challenges, was so important to Sarah's understanding of how technology altered their lives. Numbers are so great for helping us see the high-level view of any problem, but talking to people gets us to the root - the things we often have a hard time seeing. Sarah plans to use conversations and narratives to help us see the humans behind the numbers.

Outside of work, you can catch Sarah running, on a road trip, or looking for her next meal.

Director, GET Cities Chicago

Elle Ramel

Director, GET Chicago

Elle Ramel is the Director at SecondMuse Foundation for GET (Gender Equality in Tech) Chicago, a city-based initiative to advance women in the tech economy. Prior, she project managed the redevelopment of the Michael Reese Hospital site for Farpoint Development and led strategic partnerships at City Tech Collaborative, the smart city lab of Chicago, and an Economic Policy Associate in Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office at the City of Chicago. She has worked on financial issues and economic development, including infrastructure, corporate recruitment, job growth, sustainability, food business, innovation spaces and land use.

She completed her bachelor’s at Yale University in Urban Studies and a master’s degree at Cambridge University in Land Economics/Town Planning.

Elle believes that a systems-approach is necessary to tackle large issues such as inequality or gender parity and uses her experience in public, private and non-profit spaces to build coalitions for collective action.

National Director, GET Cities

Leslie Lynn Smith

National Director, GET Cities

Leslie Lynn Smith is the National Director for GET Cities (Gender Equality in Tech) at SecondMuse Foundation. GET Cities is an initiative designed to accelerate the representation and leadership of women in tech through the development of inclusive tech hubs across the United States. She believes in the importance of building diverse teams that reflect the world we live in. Under Smith’s leadership, GET Cities built on the success of its first city in Chicago and launched its second in Washington, D.C., where it is working to shift power in the local tech economy to women, trans, and non-binary people with a focus on Black, Indigenous, and people of color to transform the industry into an engine for equity.

Leslie is the founding president and CEO of Epicenter, the nonprofit hub of the greater Memphis entrepreneurial movement. Smith’s role in Memphis came after five years of successful entrepreneurial leadership as president and CEO of TechTown, Detroit’s most established business incubator and accelerator. Previously, she was director of business acceleration for the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, overseeing the state’s $300 million start-up investment portfolio and managing the statewide innovation economy and its network of ecosystem partners


Tony Salvador


Tony wears two hats with SecondMuse. The first being to help rationalize and guide all the various kinds of research we do in support of our programs and projects. The second is to actually do research work on certain projects. The former is a (mostly) internally facing project and the latter helps us and our clients frame the challenges as precisely as possible to provide the best chance of achieving desirable results.

One professional goal has been and continues to be using the social science for social good. Social science has been relegated to “the academy” for far too long, often by academics. But there’s a power there. In his past, he tried hard to focus his efforts on work where he believed tech could reduce human suffering and increase overall human welfare. Currently, he is very much interested in creative, progressive and positive projects that address seemingly intractable social problems or challenges.

Workwise: He love, love, loves fieldwork. Personally, he likes weather, especially wind. He likes to sleep outside if he can. He walks and runs (all weather), and rides bikes (fair weather). He does not like rock climbing or vertigo inducing heights. He appreciates a terrific cover song.

Manager, Global Marketing & Communications

Ina Saptiono

Manager, Global Marketing & Communications

Ina is the Global Marketing & Communications Manager at SecondMuse. In her role, Ina helps build the SecondMuse brand, implements marketing and communication strategy, and grows SecondMuse's audience. Through strategic content development, she is not only aiming to promote the work of SecondMuse, but also building audience understanding on SecondMuse’s unique approach in tackling the world’s most complex issues.

Ina brings 6 years of experience in digital marketing, strategic communication, and content creation. She started her career as a digital marketeer in the private sector, before leading various campaigns in social sector focusing on gender equality. Passionate about solving social and environmental problems, Ina continues to learn about sustainability, climate justice, and gender equality in her work.

Based in Bali, Ina enjoys her time in nature, whether it’s a peaceful sunrise walk on the beach or camping on the foothills of Mt Batur. When she's not outside, she likes watching movies, reading books, and cooking Indonesian traditional dishes.

Senior Manager, Global Marketing & Communications

Cindy Yong

Manager, Marketing & Communications, The Incubation Network

Cindy is the Senior Manager for Marketing & Communications at SecondMuse, leading Brand Marketing & Communications globally. Based in Singapore, she previously developed and led execution of the communications strategy behind The Incubation Network, our three-year program to scale up innovation reducing ocean plastic and improving waste worker livelihoods in Asia.

Driven by the need to build connections between people and social causes, Cindy is a strong believer in the power of good storytelling and taps on her years of experience to ideate compelling strategies that foster positive brand outcomes. Prior to joining SecondMuse, Cindy has worked across a diverse range of private and public sectors, culminating in a desire to work closely in line with her personal goal to be socially conscious.

"Memento Mori" is one of Cindy's favourite philosophies and reminds her of the inevitability of returning to earth, and the need to leave behind a better world for future generations. When she isn't delving into existential thoughts, Cindy enjoys baking, staying on top of internet culture, and spending time with her loved ones.

National Program Strategy and Partnerships Lead, GET Cities

Dorian Spears

National Program Strategy and Partnerships Lead, GET Cities

Dorian is a Program Strategy and Partnerships Lead at SecondMuse Foundation based in Chicago, Illinois. As a Lead for the GET (Gender Equality in Tech) Cities program, she builds strategic relationships with organizations that can propel Black, Brown, and Indigenous women across the gender identity spectrum in technology.

Dorian believes that the solutions and brilliance to solve community challenges live within residents who have been pushed to the margins in communities affected by institutional racism and disinvestment. Her professional experience has spanned over 20 years serving in various capacities of the nonprofit, government, and economic development sectors.

In addition to her work, Dorian loves spending time with family and friends, travel, reading, independent films, practicing yoga, dancing to some great music, and engages in many community initiatives.

Program Director, Climate Tech

Shelby Thompson

Program Director, Climate Tech

Shelby is the Program Director for Climate Tech programs at SecondMuse. Shelby supports startups with developing short and long-term goals, curating workshops and events relevant to their design and manufacturing needs, and identifing mentors and technical experts that can help them meet their go-to-market goals.

Prior to joining SecondMuse, Shelby was the Business & Marketing Manager at Tomorrow Lab, a hardware design and engineering firm in NYC. During her six years there, Shelby helped the once scrappy startup to become a successful small business by running day-to-day operations, communications, and community outreach. Much of this outreach was directly related to cultivating a more inclusive and diverse community for women within the hardware space, which she still focuses her efforts on with Scale For ClimateTech.

Shelby's work is deeply intwined with cultivating a more inclusive and diverse community for women and founders of color within the hardware and climate tech space. Sustainable Climate Action is not possible without addressing the racial and environmental injustices in underrepresented communities and bringing their voices to the table.

Shelby is an avid cyclist, live music fan, and storyteller. She has lived in Greenpoint for most of her New York life, and enjoys hanging in the park near her home, weekend trips to the Farmer's Market, composting, and attempting to live a more sustainable life by shopping locally for upcycled home goods!

Chief of Staff, Growth

Garrison Turner

Chief of Staff, Growth

Garrison is the Chief of Staff - Growth at SecondMuse. In his role, Garrison assists the CEO for Growth with overall strategic decision making and execution of the company-wide growth strategy. This includes collaborating closely with the C-Suite, Leadership Team and Chief of Staff - Operations to drive forward the company’s strategic vision, as well as coordinating the intersection of the Business Development, Marketing and communications, and SecondMuse Capital team.

Garrison is passionate about his work because growth enables us to scale our impact. Impact can occur in a variety of ways, including providing direct support to entrepreneurs, building capacity in other organizations to provide such support, and bringing our cultural imperatives into every space we join. Prior to starting at SecondMuse, Garrison worked in KPMG’s Deal Advisory & Strategy practice where he helped companies develop and execute their strategic goals – often involving acquisitions or divestitures.

Outside of work, Garrison enjoys accompanying youth in his neighborhood to serve their community. He is also always working to get better and soccer and cooking.

Research Associate, GET Cities

Lugh Pine Jonah

Research Associate, GET Cities

Lugh is a Research Associate at SecondMuse Foundation. As a Research Associate, they primarily support the GET Cities team with research projects, data analysis, and impact measuring. This initiative seeks to increase the representation and leadership of women, trans, and nonbinary humans in the technology industry. Lugh offers insights on how sociological factors intersect with individual experience and the gaps in equity that result. They bring specialized knowledge in disability justice, inclusive language, and the spectrums of gender and sexuality.

Through their work with the Gender Equity in Tech initiative, Lugh hopes to advance the inclusion of members from all intersecting identities. They believe in empowering others through inclusive communication and community building. This requires active anti-racist work that supports Black, Brown, Indigenous, Disabled, Trans, and Gender non-conforming individuals. Connecting people to their natural communities, and including those into the tech world can foster the belonging and safety needed to succeed in and out of a workplace. Lugh’s perspective is informed by their lived experience, research background in sociology of gender, and community mutual aid projects.

Proudly transgender and autistic, Lugh is always up for talking about queer and nuero-diverse visibility. They have lived in Chicago for the past decade and experienced the transformative power of being supported by community. In their downtime they can be found building furniture, having heart-to-hearts, or cuddling their cats.

Associate Director of Program & Operations, GET Cities

Tigist Gizaw

Associate Director of Program & Operations, GET Cities

Tigist is an Associate Director of Program & Operations at SecondMuse Foundation for GET (Gender Equality in Tech) Cities. Her work focuses on supporting the Foundation in developing, monitoring and overseeing procedures for grants management, funder management, and reporting. She is also supporting the growth of new funding opportunities when necessary as well as helping the Foundation board.

Tigist has extensive experience in the development sector. Prior to joining SecondMuse, she worked for non-profits across the world, including Chemonics and DAI in Ethiopia, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan. She recently left Oxfam America, where she worked in various capacities the last 15 years, including grant and project management, monitoring & evaluation, policy advocacy, capacity building and business development, leading on innovative financing initiatives.

She is drawn to join the SecondMuse Family, as it brings together different elements of the development world with new, innovative thinking, as well as capital. She believes by working together, we can move the needle towards creating just economies. Through supporting nascent economies, supporting startups and innovations, and bringing in new funding mechanisms, we can create impact on ecosystems addressing issues such as climate change, food systems, gender and racial justice.

She loves traveling and seeing different parts of the world. She has visited 58 counties, 35 states in the US and 6 of the 10 provinces of Canada. Her ultimate goal is to travel to every country in the world.

Communications Associate

Ashlynn Wells

Communications Associate

Ashlynn is a Communications Associate at SecondMuse based in Brooklyn, New York. She manages, creates, and executes communications strategies across different SecondMuse programs. She supports NASA Space Apps Challenge, the largest annual hackathon in the world and Headstream, an initiative designed to empower the youth in digital spaces, advocating for youth wellness and diversity.

She has a background in strategic communications, social management and content creation. Her passions are focused around diversity, inclusion and social impact. She has diversity and inclusion experiences across the US and the world—from representing Hawaii’s social impact in Japan to higher education leadership at Harvard Business School. She strives to empower underrepresented communities in education, opportunity, and leadership. Ashlynn hopes to bring her passions to the SecondMuse community, bringing people together, creating change and cultivating global impact.

Ashlynn spent her most recent years living in Hawaii, experiencing different cultures, communities, and environments. She enjoys all things nature, exploring, traveling, and visiting museums and is always down to try new foods and culture experiences.

Senior Associate, OPPA

Renni Widya

Senior Associate, OPPA

Renni Widya is the Senior Associate for Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator Program in Surabaya. She is responsible for planning and implementation of Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator Program activities in Surabaya. Her work focus on network development, partnership development, external communication, and event management in order to build an innovation ecosystem in Surabaya to reduce ocean plastic pollution.

Renni is passionate about community building and how can her job create an impact on the community. I worked in an NGO before focusing on how to create sustainable impact by facilitating some training and collaborating with various actors addressing some issues. I used to provide some training to the community members to improve their skill in cording to create opportunities for them to improve their livelihoods.

In her spare time, she enjoys singing, travelling, and exercising. She loves to explore the world to meet people with diverse background and makes memory together.

Associate, Finance & Admin

Pande Indrayana

Associate, Finance & Admin

Indra is a Finance and Administrative Associate at SecondMuse, based in Bali, Indonesia. His work focuses on supporting the finance, legal, HR, and operations team for Indonesia and Singapore. His responsibility includes maintaining day-to-day administrative operations, ensuring company’s legal compliance, and keeping financial records with accuracy and consistency.

Indra always believes that humans can grow and prosper without sacrificing the earth, he calls this ‘growing responsibly’. Growing with respect to the surroundings is what he strives to achieve. SecondMuse’s vision inspired him to contribute to caring for the planet and addressing some of the world’s complex issues. Prior to joining SecondMuse, Indra worked as a recruiter and a trainer. Working with different people around the world helps him understand the richness and diversity of human culture.

Outside his work, he enjoys hiking or just about everything that relates to outdoor activities.

Program Manager

Na'im Zerbes

Program Manager

Na'im is a Program Manager at SecondMuse involved with the Venture for ClimateTech and GET Chicago teams, where he helps early-stage climate tech innovators build their products and businesses to address challenges of the climate crisis, as well as building city ecosystem programming towards a gender-equitable tech sector. Previously managing the Futureworks Incubator, Na'im has been engaged in research, design, and implementation of incubation, acceleration, and ecosystem-building programs to support innovators and the communities they serve throughout North America and beyond.

Na’im believes in the power that comes from different actors rallying together around a shared challenge and working towards sustainable, system-wide change. He is most passionate about bringing that power to light through programming and spaces where communities can come together, build on their innate strengths, and raise up those around them.

Prior to joining SecondMuse, Na’im coordinated the national and regional implementation of a global civic empowerment program for young people in Romania, working with youth mentors to engage their younger peers in becoming agents of social change.

Senior Associate, Program Finance, The Incubation Network

Alison Li Jiamin

Senior Associate, Program Finance, The Incubation Network

Alison is a Senior Associate at SecondMuse based in Singapore. As a Senior Associate, Alison actively manages the finances of the various programs run by The Incubation Network through their entire lifecycle - from budget planning, forecast tracking, invoicing, to donor reporting. Alison also supports the team on the contracting process for end-to-end Master contracts and work orders for vendors. In addition, Alison looks at the overall finance and contracting processes, and finds creative ways to shape and streamline them so as to keep the finance management nimble.

With a background in Economics, Alison has always been interested in how industries and communities interact. Fast forward 11 years as a financial analyst working for the manufacturing and telecommunications industry, Alison is now putting her experience behind TIN to further push the vision of creating inclusive communities and creating a lasting impact that respects the original ecosystem.

When Alison is not working, she loves to be at the gym chipping away at the fine art of Muay Thai, in the kitchen testing out recipes, or walking around discovering the ever-evolving neighbourhoods of Singapore. She's at her most comfortable sipping a cup of tea with a book at a seat overlooking greenery.

Program Manager, Circularity, The Incubation Network

Titus Loh

Program Manager, Circularity, The Incubation Network

Titus is the Program Manager, Circularity at SecondMuse Singapore for The Incubation Network (TIN), an initiative that aims to deliver innovative solutions for ocean plastic pollution mitigation and the advancement of a more circular economy through multi-stakeholder collaboration and co-creation. In his role, Titus supports the management and implementation of TIN’s projects across various locations within the South and Southeast Asia region. In addition, he conducts research and systems analyses to develop strategies to positively impact circularity in waste management and in the repurposing of plastics.

Through his experience as a project manager of environmental and sustainability work across various industries within the private sector and, most recently, as an Environmental Analyst for the United Nations Development Programme in Malaysia, Titus has practised both top-down and bottom-up approaches to environmental challenges; however, he believes that there is still a plethora of ideas with untapped potential waiting to be unearthed. With The Incubation Network, Titus is keen to provide a platform for new solutions to be piloted and scaled up to address the severe issues of ocean plastic pollution and excessive waste generation.

Outside of work, Titus enjoys going on outdoor excursions with his small family, be it short hikes, visiting waterfalls or just simply a walk in a park, in addition to playing basketball and reading a good book in his spare time.

Global Head of People Operations

Jade Ashley Nikolaou

Global Head of People Operations

Jade is the Global Head of People Operations at SecondMuse. As a member of the leadership team, Jade owns the global inclusive growth strategy work and creates full end-to-end plans to achieve success for all employees at SecondMuse. She also leads the global social impact programming, internal stakeholder engagement, measurement, and thought leadership design framework.

Jade serves as a strong partner to fellow executive leadership and senior management teams in developing goals, skills, competencies, training, and strategies that increase the impact of our people across all SecondMuse entities. As a link between management and employees, she proactively identifies issues and navigates solutions to all people-operations challenges.

She provides strategic and creative leadership at all levels to advance SecondMuses’ inclusion and diversity goals and cultivate an inclusive environment for people from all backgrounds as well as provide meaningful consultation to build a steady cadence around inclusion and equity.

As an activist for systemic change, Jade believes that fostering empowerment within communities promotes true authenticity and acceptance. She values herself as a strategy activator, culture shifter and change maker, whose methodology is rooted in moving at the speed of trust and empowering others to lead and engage authentically.

A little fun fact: Most people call her Queen Jade.

Senior Business Development Manager

Shai Fogelson

Senior Business Development Manager

Shai is a Senior Business Development Manager based in Brooklyn, New York. Shai helps manage the implementation of program growth strategies, including proactively identifying and building relationships with existing and prospective private, nonprofit, and public sector funders. He also supports the company’s global work to build partnerships with climate/cleantech/energy, workforce, entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic development funders.

Shai believes in the importance of engaging critical stakeholders — from government and corporations to start-ups and local communities — to address ever-pressing climate and economic problems. Shai's professional, educational, and first-hand background in the international development and environmental sectors helps drive his efforts to create a more innovative, equitable, and responsible climate industry.

When Shai isn't at work, he enjoys being out and about in Brooklyn with his family and dog Layla. He likes to travel and vastly prefers trekking through a remote jungle to relaxing on a beach. He is a sports enthusiast, loves a good documentary, and has an eclectic taste in music from Joni Mitchell to Jay-Z.

Program Manager, The Incubation Network

Soon Sing-Suen

Program Manager, The Incubation Network

Suen is a Program Manager at The Incubation Network, based in Singapore. She manages The Single-Use Plastics (SUP) Challenge, an acceleration program with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit to address the SUPs demand and waste in the foodservice industry. In her role, she designs and leads the program to support and guide 10 Ecosystem Support Organisations (ESOs) to incubate 100+ ventures to introduce and pilot alternatives to SUPs with foodservice corporate partners in India, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

Suen believes businesses are a strong force for good. From supporting ventures with unique solutions and models to forging alliances with companies looking to value-add their supply chains, Suen sees impact is most often sustained through meaningful partnerships, philanthropies and procurement.

Suen has academic and professional backgrounds in international development and social entrepreneurship, taking her to work with varied communities. Prior to SecondMuse, Suen has led social entrepreneurship projects at the Singapore Committee for UN Women and the Singapore International Foundation. She also continues to build personable and supportive communities through her venture that encourages corporate social procurement to benefit social causes in the Asia Pacific.

When Suen is outside of work, she can be found hanging with her cat Miwa or hitting the gym. Suen loves the combination of Netflix/video games with a cup of hot tea. She also enjoys cooking, writing, and going on food adventures with her friends and family.

Stephanie Gliege
General Counsel

Stephanie Gliege

General Counsel

Stephanie is the in-house General Counsel for SecondMuse. She manages SecondMuse's legal matters including policy development, insurance and compliance issues, contracts, and provides legal advice and support to all SecondMuse teams across the company.

After a short career at NASA, Stephanie became a member of the Arizona bar in 2003. She has been a lawyer and legal advisor in the U.S. and whilst living in Costa Rica, Sudan, Kazakhstan, and Europe. Stephanie taught master’s students at the UN Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica and was invited to Kazakhstan as a Fulbright Scholar to teach business and international law. There, she founded an LLM in International Business Law which required significant collaboration in the complex post-soviet educational structure.

In addition to professorial posts, she has practiced law in the commercial and non-commercial sectors, has founded several non-profit organizations, and acted as legal counsel to an internet technology company. In Sudan, Stephanie oversaw the Darfur Programs of the International Organization for Migration. This broad experience exposed Stephanie to values uniting all peoples, to live, love, and flourish. She is driven by helping diverse people understand one another. She is dedicated to modifying relational structures to bring about a more equitable society where we are led by truth, justice, and purpose.

Stephanie is a graduate of Arizona State University College of Law, holds an MA in International Law from the UN University for Peace, and European Union Law from King's College London. She has four children, a busy husband, and relishes in quiet moments spent outdoors.

Manager, GET Miami

Victoria Ferrari

Manager, GET Miami

Victoria is a Manager at SecondMuse Foundation for GET Cities based in Miami, Florida. As a manager, she is responsible for developing sustainable best practices to increase the representation of women in tech. She works to ensure ongoing local programmatic excellence, rigorous program evaluation, and consistent quality in programs for growth. Her work includes data-driven decision-making to identify opportunities for conversation and collaboration with stakeholders in Miami for the advancement of gender equity in tech. Miami is a highly diverse city that is welcoming of new industry growth and advancement, with stakeholders consistently operating to represent and advance the community's voice.

Victoria believes that equity is action, she is committed to creating programs with an equity lens to empower communities and ensure awareness and accessibility to improve the quality of life of others. Skilled in the art of negotiation and the desire to create win/win scenarios, Victoria sees, holds, and fits together these pieces of a complex puzzle. The primary priorities for her work are to build meaningful partnerships to deeply understand priorities and ensure alignment and implementation so that work is sustainable and impactful.

When Victoria isn’t at work, she is attending a farmers' market or creating patterns for reusing clothing items. She enjoys creating blended playlists and is often offering to dogsit all family and friend canines.

Business Development Director

Anne Dodge

Business Development Director

Anne Dodge is a Business Development Director at SecondMuse, focusing on Responsible and Ethical Technology and working closely with the Headstream and GET Cities initiatives and the entire Growth team. Anne's work centers on developing partnerships and resources to extend and expand the company's current work, while also exploring new opportunities that advance SecondMuse's mission to create and foster just, inclusive economies.

Prior to joining SecondMuse, Anne served as the Executive Director of the Mansueto Institute for Urban Innovation at The University of Chicago. This work engaged data and theory about urban environments and processes, creating an evidence base for scalable change. She also served as an instructor in the Harris School of Public Policy, and prior to UChicago, she worked at the intersection of cultural and economic development planning, on a range of subjects, including place-based giving, affordable housing, historic preservation, and community safety through environmental design. She holds a BA from Harvard University with a joint concentration in visual and environmental studies and history and a Master’s in City Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Anne grew up in Texas and loves to talk about data, visualizations, pop culture, and reckless ideas. She also loves learning new words every day from her two kids, Janie and Freddie, and she stans her adopted home city of Chicago.

People Operations Specialist

Jamie Waters

People Operations Specialist

Jamie is the People Operations Specialist for North America and is based in Portland, Oregon. As part of the People Operations team, Jamie provides administrative and HR support across many functions of the organization. Jamie also supports the recruitment lifecycle to help SecondMuse attract and retain top talent across the region.

Prior to joining SecondMuse, Jamie was living and studying in Australia as she worked to complete her Master of Management (Human Resources) at the University of Melbourne. She is passionate about serving the community, which led her to take on a variety of roles that supported non-profit and social enterprise sectors.

Outside of work, Jamie enjoys exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest and going on weekend trips with her friends and family. She loves everything about food – whether it be cooking a new recipe or trying out a new restaurant and is always on the lookout for recommendations.

Managing Director, GET Miami

Victoria Santamarina

Managing Director, GET Miami

Victoria is the Managing Director at SecondMuse Foundation for GET (Gender Equality in Tech) Miami. She was born and raised in Argentina, and throughout her studies, she has always focused on topics such as social innovation in business & corporations, economic development, and sustainability strategies in different markets worldwide. She has a strong academic background across three top universities: Oxford, Duke University, and Universidad Catolica. Her Master's thesis was on “The development of B Corps and CSR in The United States and South America”.

Throughout her career, she excelled in building system maps and she kept fluent communication with key stakeholders. She recognizes the importance of strong sustainable solutions to achieve social impact and systemic change.

When Victoria became the executive director at CADENA International, she wanted to empower the communities we touched by providing them with the tools they needed to navigate an emergency and natural disaster. So since then, she has recognized the importance of being proactive and creating solid and sustainable solutions to achieve impact and systemic change.

Her approach to systemic change work starts with understanding the complexity through mapping the ecosystem. This has been a critical component of all her past roles, whether she was working to identify the markets in Mexico that could be inclusive of low-income entrepreneurs or identifying which stakeholders were crucial to revitalizing a community after a crisis. She plans to use that same approach here in Miami with GET Cities.

Victoria is an avid traveler and has visited more than 20 countries; she loves camping and hiking in Patagonia, Argentina. Going to the theater is always a good plan for her, and she has a passion for handmade pottery.

Senior Innovation Lead, SecondMuse Capital

Anastasia Mourogova Millin

Senior Innovation Lead, SecondMuse Capital

Anastasia is a Senior Innovation Lead at SecondMuse Capital, based in Montréal, Canada. In her role, she works across Future Economy Labs ("FEL") as well as other SecondMuse Capital mandates to construct innovative capital instruments. To date, Anastasia has been involved in Alternative Property Ownership FEL, in partnership with Silver Lining, that aims to create a new financial mechanism that would enable small business owners to acquire their properties in a way that empowers them and their communities. Anastasia is equally co-designing a series of potential capital mechanisms, in partnership with Grantmakers for Girls of Color, to ignite the vision for abundant future for girls, femmes and gender expansive youth of color. In addition, Anastasia has been involved in understanding gaps and the potential catalytic role of capital within the context of FEL for collective ownership as well as the future of education.

Anastasia brings to her role 13 years of traditional banking experience, with a specific focus on real estate financing across all asset classes. Throughout this part of her career, she witnessed both the positive and the detrimental effects that private capital and individual sector players could bring to our cities, natural assets, and communities. Anastasia then spent the following 7 years of her professional career in several roles, including an opportunity to help launch Canada's first Schedule A impact bank. Most recently, Anastasia was a Global Co-Lead of Capital and Investments at Dark Matter Labs, where she focused on systematic gaps within financial markets and designed innovative third-horizon solutions, with a specific concentration on real estate, natural assets, and soil.

Anastasia is passionate about life. Together with her children and her husband, she enjoys Olympic weightlifting, believes in the value of facing fear every day, and surpassing her limits, no matter how small of increments. Anastasia' comes from a family of scientists and artists and she enjoys watching her mind understand complex patterns and then shift them to new possibilities in beautiful and unchartered ways.

Program Manager, Headstream

Russel Estardo

Program Manager, Headstream

Russel Estardo is the Program Manager for Headstream, which is a national innovation program focused on creating a just and thriving digital economy that supports the well-being of young people as they grow up. Russel's focus will be on managing the accelerator program and working with entrepreneurs to activate this space.

Russel brings experience in innovation management consulting, where he helped create new business models and reinvent existing ones. Before working at SecondMuse, he spent more than five years as a Digital/Innovation Strategist in helping to transform large established companies like Hewlett-Packard and Rabobank.

Over the past few years, his experience has shifted to the nonprofit sector as he was working for the largest national nonprofit organization to support BIPOC & LGBTQ+ innovators.

As Program Manager, Russel will be leading programs that are focused on creating a just and thriving digital economy that supports the well-being of young people as they grow up. He is very excited to learn and have the opportunity to create a positive difference in the lives of people.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Russel enjoys exploring the area and experiencing all of the diversity and beautiful nature that surrounds the city. He is also a foodie and likes to experience different cuisines from around the world. In fact, his New Year’s resolution is to try out at least one new restaurant or cuisine a month in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Marketing and Communications Manager, Headstream

Viviana Blumberg

Marketing and Communications Manager, Headstream

Viviana is a Communications and Marketing Manager at Second Muse based in San Diego, California. As part of her job, Viviana supports the Headstream team by understanding the program objectives, communications goals, and target audience, as well as developing communications plans, strategies, and budgets for SecondMuse programs to meet program objectives.

Viviana believes in the power of businesses and communications to create a better world. With over five years of experience in the marketing and communications field working for companies such as L'Oréal Mexico, she is excited to focus her efforts into a mission-driven project to positively impact communities and help them thrive.

When Viviana is not working, she enjoys going outdoors and chase the wonderful sunsets in San Diego. When the weather does not allow outdoor activities, she likes reading, dancing and practicing watercolors and drawing.

Grant Writer

Alexis Juday-Marshall

Grant Writer

Alexis is a Grant Writer at SecondMuse based in Los Angeles, California. As a Grant Writer, Alexis is responsible for supporting the organization’s proposal development process to secure resources to grow and advance the company’s innovative programs. In her role, she works closely with the Senior Grant Writer and global program teams to craft clear and compelling proposal narratives, and to support a smooth and effective proposal development process.

Alexis has been passionate about effecting social change, earning both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Seattle University in Journalism and Public Administration, respectively. She recently finished her MPA, which focused on issues of inequity and systems change in voting rights, transportation policy, and climate change. The title of her master’s thesis was “Addressing the Climate Change Crisis: Indigenous Perspectives for Environmental Justice.”

Originally from Portland, Oregon, she recently relocated to Los Angeles after living in Seattle for 23 years. In her free time, Alexis engages in advocacy and non-profit volunteerism and loves to spend time with her partner and her dog, Nugget. She also enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking and is an avid sports fan and animal enthusiast.

Events and Operations Manager, Headstream

McKenna Dempsey

Events and Operations Manager, Headstream

McKenna is the Headstream Events and Operations Manager at SecondMuse based in Portland, Oregon. As an Events and Operations Manager, McKenna leads process implementation across the Headstream program. She helps to track progress, define goals and milestones and ensure communication between teams and projects. She is also coordinating on in person and digital events within the Headstream program and working closely with the team to align goals, expectations and workflows.

McKenna believes that our youth are our leaders. And elevating their voices, providing them with wellness tools and bringing them into the action that impacts them is the best way to make social change. Prior to SecondMuse, McKenna had her own start up building a mental health platform for adolescents and brings in her knowledge of mental health technology and love of spreadsheets to the Headstream team.

When McKenna isn't at work, she loves hanging out with friends, going on hikes, rock climbing and camping. She has two cats, Kevin and Sophie, who frequently join the Zoom calls, and she loves a good cozy day on the couch reading a book with them.

Senior Associate, Technology Programs

Katelyn Hertel

Senior Associate, Technology Programs

Katelyn is a Senior Associate in the Technology and Manufacturing Portfolio on the NASA Space Apps Challenge. She is the Community Management Specialist to the community of Local Leads who individually host the Space Apps Challenge in their local cities. She acts as the support system for all Space Apps Local Leads, Navigators, and Participants (31,500+ individuals!) through hosting community events, providing global trainings and starting mentorship programs.

Katelyn is a firm believer that more can be achieved by working together. Through her past experience both as a Participant and Local Lead in New York City for the Space Apps Challenge she realized how valuable not only this community but all communities truly are. Together, we are unstoppable. To Katelyn, this is what community is all about and why fostering the community at the Space Apps Challenge means so much to her.

When Katelyn isn’t at work she can usually be found under a fuzzy blanket or her cats, Brisket and Yams, playing her Nintendo switch. She also enjoys crocheting and traveling whenever she has the chance. Katelyn is also is a Data Engineer on the side and studies Machine Learning when she can.

Program Manager, For ClimateTech

Kris Licciardello

Program Manager, For ClimateTech

Kris is the Program Manager of Scale For ClimateTech, a program that helps startups de-risk their manufacturing processes to reach their scale-up objectives. In this role, Kris provides execution and strategy support through program design, development, implementation, impact reporting, and stakeholder management.

Kris is passionate about building community by supporting one another in accomplishing shared goals, and believes designing and delivering quality educational experiences is a way to achieve that. Prior to SecondMuse, Kris ran business education programming for entrepreneurs at the NYC Department of Small Business Services. They led the design and execution of programs for Minority and Women-owned Business Enterprises as well as workshops on pivoting strategies for navigating the Covid-19 pandemic.

Outside of work, Kris is an avid board game player and loves traveling as a way to explore new landscapes and cultures. They love biking around the city, going to concerts, and just being curious.

Creative Director, Practice Group

Tiffany Forner

Creative Director, Practice Group

Tiffany Forner is Creative Director for the SecondMuse Practice Group. She works to make complex information and problems easier to understand, align around and act on. She is responsible for codifying the SecondMuse Practice with visuals, facilitation tools, and publications that enable innovation and impact. Her work supports internal teams, community engagement workshops, and other efforts to build community ecosystems.

Prior to SecondMuse, she spent 25 years in the field of graphic facilitation, working with a range of clients on alignment and communication challenges. At the intersection of design and facilitation, she uses her skills to enable stakeholder discussion, learning, and breakthroughs. Tiffany believes that humans are inherently visual creatures, and when a group can “see” the system they are trying to change, its work and effectiveness accelerates. She is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

Tiffany lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two sons. She loves being a mom, making art, gardening, and baseball.

Program Manager, Climate Tech

Cassie Schuttrumpf

Program Manager, Climate Tech

Cassie is a Program Manager for SecondMuse's Venture For ClimateTech (V4C) Program and is based in Brooklyn NY. As a Program Manager, Cassie manages the successful execution, growth and strategy support of SecondMuse’s New York statewide V4C program. Cassie oversees the design, development, implementation and external communications of the program, as well as management of key stakeholders including partners, co-funder and sponsor relationships, advisory board, client-facing engagements and reporting. Cassie provides the leadership and strategy needed to extend our understanding of climate tech, startups, hardware and manufacturing, and provides additional value to our community through business development support.

Cassie is passionate about change related to social and environmental justice. She has a bachelors degree in Environmental Studies, and a Masters degree in Environmental Law and Policy. Before SecondMuse, Cassie worked in the environmental non-profit space, helping businesses and institutions reduce waste and turn to more eco-friendly solutions. Cassie has also spent most of her summers farming and working with circular/sustainable agricultural practices. She once ran a student-run maple syrup business out of Ithaca NY where she slept in a hammock in the woods for a semester attending to maple syrup boils.

Outside of work, Cassie loves to be active whether it be lifting, running, going for long walks around the city, or hiking. She loves to cook and bake, and finds herself always trying out new restaurants throughout the city.