At its heart, SecondMuse is a group of people working vigorously to better the world we live in. We do this by putting people first, boldly challenging ourselves to find solutions to complex issues and fearlessly introducing new ideas that may, at times, seem impossible.

As an impact and innovation company, we are inclusive and mandate diversity in every program we pioneer — because we believe that diversity is absolutely vital in enabling innovative solutions. We also believe that resolutions to inequality and injustices are waiting to be found. Every day we see talent, intellect, passion, and energy invested in developing some of the greatest inventions and technology that has and will continue to change humanity.  What if we put a fraction of that effort into solving some of the injustices of the world?  It’s a tall order, we know; but if we don’t take the lead, who will?

At SecondMuse,

We can be successful in building and scaling economic systems without sacrificing the well-being of our planet and humanity.

That every person in every community deserves to thrive — individually and together.

The greatest innovative solutions are created by bringing together diverse groups.

That thousands of small actions can bring us further than one sweeping action that can’t be sustained.




SecondMuse Founded

SecondMuse started as a radical experiment. We wanted to see if we could build new economic relationships without employing competitive frameworks. We had a theory of change rooted in collaboration and inclusion, and a vision of a prosperous future that was just and equitable for all.



Together with initial core partners including Google, Microsoft, NASA and The World Bank, we co-founded Random Hacks of Kindness, a global hackathon movement to drive collective action towards specific outcomes. One Hackathon solution proved integral to the Haiti earthquake response the following year.



We co-founded an annual global hackathon innovation incubation program with NASA, focusing on generating solutions for challenges in space and on the earth. Space Apps has grown to be a global community of passionate problem solvers.



LAUNCH, one of our flagship programs supporting innovators across the world, expanded to Europe. As part of the expansion, LAUNCH collaborated with new partners such as IKEA, Novozymes, and Kvadrat to explore building a circular society.



Building on our work with the New York City Economic Development Corporation to promote a culture of innovation and commercialization within New York City’s industrial business, design and engineering communities, we launched the Futureworks program to focus on incubating startups and entrepreneurs for the hardware manufacturing industry. This work was instrumental to develop the climate tech program for the state of New York with New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.



SecondMuse started to grow exponentially as we began to operate in Asia-Pacific with a focus on social entrepreneurship and sustainability. In 2017, we initiated the groundwork for programs that were launched in subsequent years such as Frontier Incubators and Seafood Innovation Program.



Building on our experience developing inclusive economies, we launched Gender Equality in Tech (GET) Cities, an initiative designed to accelerate the representation and leadership of women in tech. It is based on our conviction that a  thriving tech economy that meets the demands of the future will only exist when all workforce talent is engaged and has an equal opportunity to advance.


Chief Executive Officer

Todd Khozein

Chief Executive Officer

Todd is the CEO at SecondMuse. For the last twenty years Todd Khozein has been involved in the study and application of systems theory, in particular as it applies to economic development. Beginning with the use of biological systems as models for cashew farming cooperatives in Honduras, he went on to develop and build businesses in multiple industries.

For the past ten years since co-founding SecondMuse he has accelerated over 300 impact business, raising over $500M and generating over $13B in market value. At the center of this work is the development of economies that create social and environmental justice.
Todd is proud to serve on the Board of Directors of TechSoup Global, a leader in capacity building for civil society world-wide, and Circulate Initiative, whose mission it is to end ocean plastic waste.

Global Head of Strategy & Operations

Stuart Gill

Global Head of Strategy & Operations

Dr Stuart Gill is the Global Head of Strategy & Operations at SecondMuse. Stuart is a pioneer in the practice of applying networks and communities to economic development through the acceleration of entrepreneurs and their businesses.

Stuart believes that the connections enabled by new technologies create new economic and social value, firstly by generating new data and insight, and secondly by facilitating relationships and belonging. Further, he believes that these connections change the nature of power and thus our approach and capacity to grow a healthy and equitable society. Before coming to SecondMuse, Stuart founded the first innovation group at the World Bank and built public-private partnerships across a spectrum of global challenges. Before the Bank, Stuart taught and researched in the Department of Astrophysics at Columbia University in the City of New York.

Global Head of Finance & Corporate Services

Chad Badiyan

Global Head of Finance & Corporate Services

Chad is a co-founder of SecondMuse, serving as the Global Head of Finance & Corporate Services. He is also Managing Director of SecondMuse Capital.

As a business professional with 25 years experience in management, systems design and technology, he believes collaboration is fundamental in addressing the complex problems facing humanity. His current work is focused on designing and launching capital mechanisms to finance more inclusive and resilient economies.

Prior to founding SecondMuse in 2008, he worked in Mexico as executive director of a public foundation, served on the startup team of an online university in Iran, and ran a knowledge management company in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

He holds a BA from Purdue University and MBA from the University of St. Thomas.

Stephanie Gliege
Global Head of HR & General Counsel

Stephanie Gliege

Global Head of HR & General Counsel

As Global Head of HR & General Counsel, Stephanie manages SecondMuse's legal matters including policy development, insurance and compliance issues, contracts, and provides legal advice and support to all SecondMuse teams across the company. She also oversees People Operations at SecondMuse.

After a short career at NASA, Stephanie became a member of the Arizona bar in 2003. She has been a lawyer and legal advisor in the U.S. and whilst living in Costa Rica, Sudan, Kazakhstan, and Europe. Stephanie taught master’s students at the UN Mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica and was invited to Kazakhstan as a Fulbright Scholar to teach business and international law. There, she founded an LLM in International Business Law which required significant collaboration in the complex post-soviet educational structure.

In addition to professorial posts, she has practiced law in the commercial and non-commercial sectors, has founded several non-profit organizations, and acted as legal counsel to an internet technology company. In Sudan, Stephanie oversaw the Darfur Programs of the International Organization for Migration. This broad experience exposed Stephanie to values uniting all peoples, to live, love, and flourish. She is driven by helping diverse people understand one another. She is dedicated to modifying relational structures to bring about a more equitable society where we are led by truth, justice, and purpose.

Stephanie is a graduate of Arizona State University College of Law, holds an MA in International Law from the UN University for Peace, and European Union Law from King's College London. She has four children, a busy husband, and relishes in quiet moments spent outdoors.

Global Head of Marketing & Communications

Simone Byrd

Global Head of Marketing & Communications

Simone Byrd is the Global Head of Marketing & Communications at SecondMuse. She is responsible for collaborating with our programs to create marketing and communications strategies that support our efforts. As a confident self-starter with a collaborative spirit, Simone is willing to tackle complex challenges to support our programs and achieve our collective goals.

Simone draws on her experience in the strategic development and tactical execution of successful campaigns for niche and mass-market brands. She has a passion for branding and brings an ability to concept fresh ideas in order to meet objectives and garner results within the ideal target audience. Prior to SecondMuse, Simone had a realization in which she felt a sense of urgency to involve herself in projects that are impact-driven. She is deeply rooted in her commitment to fulfilling the work that SecondMuse is doing to build ecosystems.

Simone happily resides in Brooklyn, N.Y., where she had been for over a decade after spending some time in California and growing up in Laramie, Wyoming. Beyond her work, she enjoys exploring experimental cooking, snuggling with her cats, coaching basketball, and any fitness activity that keeps her moving.

Global Head of Business Development


Global Head of Business Development

Jeremy is the Global Head of Business Development at SecondMuse, with an expertise in designing and managing large complex projects, including open innovation programs, incubators and accelerators, and convening complex systems to identify and implement solutions to hard challenges.

Prior to managing LAUNCH, Jeremy experience spanned both private and public clients, including launching the Solar Decathlon program in China with Applied Materials, developing early education markets in the US with the Kellogg and Packard Foundations, helping PEMEX find new technologies to reduce flaring and venting in Mexico and working with Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to build local economies in the Indian Ocean region through aquaculture. All of this work, and prior roles with UK Trade and Investment, the UK’s Science and Innovation Network and as a board member at INCLUDED.org, has made Jeremy realize that all problems are solvable, if you can help the right people to come together and work towards a common North Star.

Jeremy loves spending time outside, and is always trying to convince friends and family to join him on his next camping trip or a bbq at the beach, if you fancy, let him know!

Senior Vice President (North America)


Senior Vice President (North America)

Katey is the Senior Vice President for the North America region at SecondMuse. For 8 years she has designed, supported and led over two dozen programs. Her early work included open innovation programs like Space Apps, the Blue Economy Challenge and National Day of Civic Hacking. Katey went on to establish the New York City (NYC) Hub, growing a portfolio of entrepreneur support programs for Next Top Makers to a multi-year, multi-program climate tech and manufacturing suite of programs. Under Katey’s leadership, NYC became the testing site for community sourced incubator programming which laid the foundation for the ecosystem development work. Over the past year, Katey led the launch of GET (Gender Equality in Tech) Cities and securing five years of funding for early stage innovators under the For Climate Tech brand.
Senior Vice President (Asia Pacific)

Simon Baldwin

Senior Vice President (Asia Pacific)

As the Senior Vice President for the Asia Pacific region at SecondMuse, Simon oversees business strategy and growth, client management, practice development, program delivery and operations. This includes a portfolio of programs focused on strengthening circular and regenerative economic systems. This work currently includes projects aimed at reducing ocean plastic pollution as well as working with multi-sectoral alliances to build nature positive economies across Asia.

Simon is a systems architect, researcher, and entrepreneur who is committed to foregrounding communities in developing solutions that tackle today's most complex and pressing social and environmental challenges. His experience extends through the private, government, non-government and UN sectors in more than a dozen countries. His insights and research has been published widely and across multiple platforms.

Simon lives in Singapore with his wife and two children.

Director, Finance


Director, Finance

As Director of Finance at Secondmuse, Heidi oversees the Finance team and functions across four global entities. Working closely with our CFO, she is responsible for the co-development and implementation of policies and processes that ensure accuracy and compliance of SecondMuse finances, enabling integration of data across programs and the globe.

A committed believer in the principles of collaboration and unity in diversity, and with an interest in ecological and systems thinking, Heidi was deeply attracted by the approach of SecondMuse to advancing efforts to advance solutions to the toughest challenges faced by humanity. The full range of challenges addressed by SecondMuse make her work in the company meaningful as she strives to maximize her impact from within, bringing an eclectic career experience spanning science, the music industry, eco-hospitality, and Main Street business management.

Outside her work day, Heidi prioritizes family, leads local children’s activities, enjoys mountain biking and hiking, travel, gardening, and practices the Japanese tea ceremony.

Chief of Staff, Growth & Capital

Garrison Turner

Chief of Staff, Growth & Capital

Garrison is the Chief of Staff - Growth at SecondMuse. In his role, Garrison assists the CEO for Growth with overall strategic decision making and execution of the company-wide growth strategy. This includes collaborating closely with the C-Suite, Leadership Team and Chief of Staff - Operations to drive forward the company’s strategic vision, as well as coordinating the intersection of the Business Development, Marketing and communications, and SecondMuse Capital team.

Garrison is passionate about his work because growth enables us to scale our impact. Impact can occur in a variety of ways, including providing direct support to entrepreneurs, building capacity in other organizations to provide such support, and bringing our cultural imperatives into every space we join. Prior to starting at SecondMuse, Garrison worked in KPMG’s Deal Advisory & Strategy practice where he helped companies develop and execute their strategic goals – often involving acquisitions or divestitures.

Outside of work, Garrison enjoys accompanying youth in his neighborhood to serve their community. He is also always working to get better at soccer and cooking.

Director, Programs


Director, Programs

As Director, Programs at SecondMuse, Laura oversees programs in the Asia Pacific region focused on strengthening circular and regenerative economic systems and processes. Most recently, she oversaw program activities across Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam. These included working with incubators and accelerators, entrepreneurs and innovators, investors, NGOs, and government leaders from across the region to develop and scale impactful solutions for waste management practices to combat plastic pollution.

Laura's background in human-centered design and experience working on complex system challenges drive her to create positive change through collaboration. Prior to SecondMuse, Laura worked with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors across Asia and East Africa, leading design projects for organizations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Red Cross, Oxfam, Economic Development Board of Singapore and Singapore Family Justice Courts, to help solve problems that would create value for people and improve lives. Using human-centered design methods and tools to tackle complex challenges and innovating through a design-led approach, Laura has particular strengths in designing systems change, ethnographic research and strategy development.

Outside of the office, you’ll find Laura exploring different countries and cultures across Asia, FaceTiming her nieces or baking up a storm in the kitchen using old family recipes.

Creative Director, Practice Codification & Communications

Tiffany Forner

Creative Director, Practice Codification & Communications

Tiffany Forner is Creative Director for the SecondMuse Practice Group. She works to make complex information and problems easier to understand, align around and act on. She is responsible for codifying the SecondMuse Practice with visuals, facilitation tools, and publications that enable innovation and impact. Her work supports internal teams, community engagement workshops, and other efforts to build community ecosystems.

Prior to SecondMuse, she spent 25 years in the field of graphic facilitation, working with a range of clients on alignment and communication challenges. At the intersection of design and facilitation, she uses her skills to enable stakeholder discussion, learning, and breakthroughs. Tiffany believes that humans are inherently visual creatures, and when a group can “see” the system they are trying to change, its work and effectiveness accelerates. She is a member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

Tiffany lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two sons. She loves being a mom, making art, gardening, and baseball.

VP of Consulting & Client Services

Neisan Massarrat

VP of Consulting & Client Services

Neisan Massarrat is the Senior Director of Strategic Programs at SecondMuse, with over 13 years of experience in business innovation and international development. Neisan has worked with Fortune 100 corporations, governments and Multilateral Development Banks, including Intel Corporation, NASA, Nike, NYCEDC, DFAT, USAID and the World Bank Group. His expertise covers open innovation, corporate strategy, entrepreneurship, ESG investing, AI/big data and public-private partnerships. Neisan has worked across multiple sectors, from economic resilience to climate change, disaster risk management, high tech and data innovation. He has developed and executed over 60 projects across more than 30 countries, including the global platform NASA International Space Apps Challenge and the World Bank’s big data strategy. Neisan is passionate about addressing complex development challenges through collaboration, human-centered design and technology. Prior to SecondMuse, Neisan was a senior consultant on corporate strategy at Germany’s development agency GIZ. He is based in Washington, DC.