Let’s Grow Together

We invite you to explore the positions listed below and to apply to work with our team – to build strong communities and influence local, regional and global networks, and to add your expertise to our growing team and portfolio.

From Brooklyn to Singapore, our programs span geographies, scales and sectors. What makes us different? Ours is not a zero-sum game. Our focus is not the next unicorn; we are building economies where everyone succeeds. Our expertise is in facilitating a process, not dictating solutions. Our method enables communities to work towards a prosperous future that is all-inclusive, where everyone has a voice, including the planet itself.

Work Globally

Join our team around the globe and bring communities together to build resilient economies.


Senior Specialist, Internal Communications

Remote, West Coast

Our Global Strategy and Operations team is looking for an Internal Communications Manager to support the day-to-day functions of internal processes and information across the North American and Asia Pacific business Units and the wider company at SecondMuse. The Internal Communications Manager will develop and implement effective communication strategies that enhance internal engagement, align employees with company goals, and promote a positive organizational culture. They will also support the effective communication of the company strategy, offerings, and core company differentiators, such as building Relational Wealth.


Project Manager, Impact & Consulting

North America

The North America Business Unit is a dynamic team spanning North America and working on a suite of thriving, long standing impactful bodies of work. The Business Unit includes NASA’s Space Apps Hackathon and Collective to a Wellbeing Economy Building initiative anchored by Headstream to a Climate Economy Building initiative anchored by For Climate Tech. The NA BU also has a Consulting practice where we connect with new clients, explore new problems, build community and / or capacity as part of our work to build economies that are good for people and the planet.

This dynamic team requires an Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) specialist in order to not just deliver on current offerings but drive impact through the Business Unit and the company. In addition, they will be in a position to contribute to the emerging consulting practice applying their research capabilities to this team supporting in the discovery and design research of programs.