Financing the Economies of the Future​

Launched as SecondMuse Capital in 2018, 2MC is the impact-focused capital arm of SecondMuse. 2MC influences and deploys capital to advance social and environmental justice. 2MC manages funds, sources transactions and provides fund design services.

SecondMuse accelerators create value by building inclusive, resilient communities and markets that address the root causes of some of the most pressing problems facing humanity. 2MC strategically influences and deploys capital that amplifies this impact—identifying, incubating, and investing in opportunities for a more just and sustainable world. Our work is driven by the belief that wealth must serve humanity and we aim to do this via our investments.



Disruptive innovation is occurring throughout all sectors of the economy, and finance is not excluded from it. Capital should exist to solve social and environmental problems. This requires thinking about capital in a new way and creating new financing tools and investment strategies that go beyond the status quo. At 2MC we believe that capital should be used as a means to reduce inequality and bring about prosperity for the entire community and the planet.


  • Profit and purpose can co-exist 
  • Diversity is needed for success
  • A collaborative and inclusive approach to capital increases returns & decreases risk 
  • Marginalized communities can be empowered via direct investments
  • Complex environment challenges provide unique opportunities for impact and return


2MC specializes in blended capital–leveraging capital and managing relationships to generate results. Blended capital combines different types of financial instruments and pools capital from investors with different types of risk-return appetites to generate value for everyone. This supports resourcing projects more efficiently and effectively at a larger scale.

2MC weaves government contracts, community engagement, and investment to create financial success. This key competitive advantage allows for better long-term alignment between innovators and their financing partners – leading to more equitable and sustainable business growth.



2MC is just getting started in this space! Check out some of our current projects below and come back often as we are expanding our portfolio. For more information or to learn how to get involved contact us at

Southwest Florida Impact Fund

2MC creates community impact fund to advance inclusion and resilience in a Fort Myers Opportunity Zone
2MC is General Partner in SW Florida Impact Partners LLP, a community impact fund focused on reducing inequalities in southwest Florida by raising the profile and capacity of female, minority and traditionally marginalized entrepreneurs. Total fund capitalization will stand at $30.0M on closing and deploy capital to real-estate for anchor institutions—schools, grocery, banks, and healthcare facilities—and small businesses. 

2MC, through its partnership in the SWFL Impact Partners fund and the SecondMuse incubator in Fort Myers, stands as an example of a new model for community redevelopment, one that engages and builds upon the knowledge and experience of local stakeholders, identifies immediate needs and opportunities as well as more complex challenges. It also rallies a community and capital behind solving these needs, thus evolving beyond the status quo. The Fort Myers Community Redevelopment Agency and Southwest Florida Community Foundation are partners in this effort.

Ocean Plastics Fund

2MC is an operational partner of Circulate Capital, an impact-focused investment management firm financing companies, projects and infrastructure that prevent ocean plastic
SecondMuse and Circulate Capital launched The Incubation Network initiative to accelerate solutions to ocean plastic waste by partnering with existing incubators. Launched at  the Ocean Partnership Summit alongside the 2018 G7 Environment Ministerial Meeting, the Incubation Network has been developed in partnership with Ocean Conservancy, a leading ocean protection nonprofit. This initiative is supported by a new grant from the U.S. State Department. For SecondMuse, the initiative builds on more than a decade of leadership in the global innovation space, building financially meaningful and self-sustaining economic systems we know as economies of the future.

The Incubation Network’s first project, the Surabaya Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA), is also supported by the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. In the spirit of collaboration championed by SecondMuse across all of our programs, this new initiative looks to leverage a diverse range of partners to provide incubation, technical assistance and capacity building.

Knowledge & Innovation Exchange Fund

Led research & design for $60m Global Partnership for Education Fund
The Knowledge and Innovation Exchange (KIX) is a flagship program for the Global Partnership for Education, the only global fund that focuses on strengthening education systems in the Global South in order increase the number of students in schools and their learning opportunities. Brookings has identified over 3,000 current innovations in education, but not nearly enough of these innovations are reaching the education systems, teachers, and students most in need around the world. KIX was funded to identify the most pressing education challenges, source, develop and tweak innovations to solve those challenges, then in parallel, run programming and create a knowledge management platform so that these innovations, coined global public goods, could be embraced and put into practice by the 65 GPE member countries.

SecondMuse and Bivee, were hired by GPE to design the blueprint for KIX and strategically support the launch of the $60M KIX fund and a separate $60M Advocacy and Social Accountability fund. We analyzed the landscape of the global education sector to identify how to most effectively utilize innovation in the sector as a tool to serve the most marginalized global education systems. We designed a program that identifies innovations that already exist and support those resources, tools, and products in a way that makes them accessible and adaptable for GPE’s members. And then, if solutions do not already exist, how we could gather the right stakeholders to design solutions with the intended beneficiaries.

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