Plastic Free July: One Piece of a Complex Single-Use Puzzle

July 20, 2021
The annual campaign against consumer use of single-use plastics calls attention to one area of a complex, multifaceted issue.
Gender & Race

Common Threads: Advancing Gender Equality From Climate Tech to Digital Spaces

July 14, 2021
SecondMuse programs — no matter their primary cause — work to "lift women into their power."

Inside SecondMuse Capital’s Future Economy Lab

June 29, 2021
The Lab has taken on barriers to entrepreneurship and inclusion in Québec's climate economy, education financing in the U.S., and now has its sights set on a range of new endeavors.
People & Culture

The Imperatives We Live And Design By

June 11, 2021
SecondMuse's eight action-oriented Imperatives ground our work and daily actions.

“What Are Your Impact Metrics?” New Headstream Tool Offers Answers

June 9, 2021
Headstream’s Impact Navigator is a rare resource redefining the way entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders can measure the impact of digital technologies on youth wellbeing.

100 Years After Black Wall Street’s Destruction, Black Tech Street Rises

June 1, 2021
To mark the centennial of a racist massacre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, SecondMuse spoke with the founder of Black Tech Street about his vision for a Black innovation movement rising from the site of the historic destruction.
People & Culture

In Practice: How We Build Communities Around Entrepreneurs

May 27, 2021
Our programming — from innovation challenges to accelerators — are designed to build inclusive support networks around entrepreneurs.
People & Culture

Our Common Threads: Why Community Runs Through Everything We Do At SecondMuse

May 18, 2021
Our series about the "common threads" that run through our various programs kicks off with a look at our approach to relationships and community
Data & Tech

SecondMuse’s Role in the History of Global Hackathons

May 14, 2021
Our own history is deeply intertwined with the history of hackathons, which have helped shape the way we think

Humanizing the Virtual Space: A Guide to Inclusive Facilitation

April 27, 2021
With group interactions moving online, we intentionally designed virtual spaces to make them more inclusive