Engagement Manager and Design Lead

Will is an Engagement Manager and Design Lead at SecondMuse. He leads design and delivery of innovative development programs across the Asia Pacific region. This involves developing strategy, coordinating remote teams, facilitating collaboration, and managing projects.

Will draws on experience as a facilitator, strategist, designer, and manager. His work has all focused on social impact and innovation, but has covered both community and international development. This has ranged from the co-design of social services with communities in regional Australia, to cross-sector policy and system design, to the implementation of global programs focused on sustainable development. Behind this diverse body of work are processes that help groups to think more creatively and critically, and to work in more collaborative and adaptive ways. Putting these into practice – and through this developing new ways of thinking and working – is what drives Will, as he believes fundamentally different approaches are required: The same thinking that created the complex problems we are facing isn’t going to deliver solutions.

Will is also involved in various community arts and cultural programs, all focused on building agency through imagination and expression. At the heart of this activity is a belief that the capabilities of speculation and improvisation are prerequisites to free thought and self-determination. He is also an avid rock climber and cyclist, a voracious reader, and a self-confessed epicure.


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