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Simone Byrd

Global Communications & Marketing Specialist Brooklyn, NY

Simone Byrd is the Global Communications & Marketing Specialist who is responsible for partnering with our programs to manage their marketing + communications campaigns. She is a confident self-starter and team player who is willing to tackle complex assignments to help our programs achieve their goals.

Simone draws on her experience playing a critical role in the strategic development and tactical execution of successful public relations/integrated marketing projects with both niche and mass-market brands. She brings an ability to concept fresh ideas in order to garner exceptional results with objectives and target audience in mind. Prior to SecondMuse, Simone reached a point in her career where she felt a sense of urgency to involve herself in projects committed to social good. She is committed to helping fulfill the impact-driven work SecondMuse is doing to benefit people and protect the planet.

Simone moved to New York City 12 years ago from the west, now happily residing in Brooklyn, NY. She spends her free time socializing, cooking, snuggling with her cats, working out, and coaching basketball.

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