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Kate Key

Chief of Staff Albuquerque, NM

Kate Key is the Chief of Staff at SecondMuse and supports the leadership of the company by ongoing management of system-wide meetings, thought partnership, content creation and implementation, organizing resources, and supporting on project implementation. Additionally Kate spends time supporting and implementing company-wide processes which aid in the betterment of our team to create lasting and important impact across the globe. Kate also serves on the Learning and Development core team of 2M which seeks to strategically develop and enhance systems to retain, organize, and develop SecondMuse’s institutional knowledge in order to continue to build capacity at the company-level as well as to positively  impact the ecosystems in which we work and live.

Kate cares deeply about creating sustainable systems to benefit future generations. 

Passionate about organizational leadership through an educational and developmental lens, Kate’s  graduate studies focused on educational support systems at the collegiate and university level. From this came her desire to focus on the study of understanding how systems, processes,and organizations or individuals learn together, retain, and share knowledge across dispersed and diverse ecosystems. Kate is also focused on creating systems which allow for pathways of development both internally as well as externally at the community and ecosystem level so as to create developmentally sustainable, equitable, and inclusive solutions conducive to a better and more responsible future.

Kate is originally from Omaha, Nebraska but is now very much at home and invested in the Albuquerque community.

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