Senior Associate

Jocelyn is a Senior Associate for SecondMuse Singapore. Her work focuses on The Incubation Network, which aims to build a pipeline of investment-ready solutions to address ocean plastic waste. She also contributes to broader SecondMuse business development in the Asia-Pacific region.

Jocelyn is passionate about building global communities for change and brings to SecondMuse an ability to build bridges across sectors and geographies through fostering shared learning and collaboration.

Jocelyn has global experience working across the UK, Asia and the US exploring the frontiers of market-based approaches to development. Her experience spans from managing impact investing training and educational programs at Impact Investment Exchange (IIX) in Singapore to conducting policy research on the social, environmental, and geo-political implications of rising middle-income countries at the renowned think-tank, Institute of Development Studies (IDS), alongside a network of colleagues from across 40 countries worldwide.

When away from work, you will find her most likely singing along to Texas country songs and exploring new places on her bicycle.

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