nathaniel Padgett

Program Manager

Nathaniel oversees the Futureworks Incubator, a first-of-its-kind community-sourced incubator for early stage hardware and manufacturing startups in New York City. Futureworks Incubator, along with the Futureworks Shops network of workshop and fabrication spaces, is a partnership between SecondMuse and the New York City Economic Development Corporation aimed at supporting and accelerating hardware startups in the Big Apple.

Nathaniel is passionate about people and technology, and has spent his career helping hardware startups build strong bonds with their users and communities. Always curious about how systems work, Nathaniel was drawn to the hardware community because he wanted to be closer to the physical devices that make our increasingly software-driven world possible. Today he’s excited to be supporting a new crop of hardware and manufacturing entrepreneurs through Futureworks.

For the past seven years, Nate has worked closely with the founders and executive teams in some of the most recognizable names in the New York City hardware startup ecosystem. In addition to his work with Futureworks, he advises hardware startups throughout the five boroughs on marketing, communications, strategy, and business development, and is a co-organizer of the 5,000+ member New York Hardware Startup Meetup.

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