Operations Coordinator

Na’im is the Operations Coordinator in SecondMuse’s Cities team, where he supports program operations, the development of internal data collection and management systems, as well as day-to-day management and logistics across the Cities team. Alongside supporting other NYC-based programs, Na’im is part of the team running the Futureworks Incubator, an NYCEDC-funded program that accelerates, champions, and supports the growth of hardware startups and advanced manufacturing entrepreneurs in New York City – from early-stage hardware entrepreneurs to growth-stage companies.

I am a strong believer in the power that communities hold to bring about change within the ecosystems they are part of. In the work we do at SecondMuse, I am most passionate about bringing that power to light by developing open and responsive support structures that help communities build on their strengths, diversify their breadth, and raise their readiness to adapt as needed. Gleaned from both my past and more recent experiences, few things are as stirring as working shoulder to shoulder with members of a community to build on their existing strengths and nurture the fruit that comes from being increasingly connected, dynamic, and purpose-driven.

Prior to joining SecondMuse, Na’im coordinated the regional implementation of a program for the civic empowerment of junior youth in Romania, accompanying and training youth mentors to empower their younger peers in becoming agents of social change. Graduating with a BSc in Political Science, he focused on acquiring a more profound understanding of how collaborative learning can help a community progress.