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Research Associate


Libbis is Research Associate for SecondMuse Indonesia. She facilitates OPPA team in research and knowledge management for OPPA’s evaluation, organisational learning, and reporting. Findings from the research will be used at all phases of the programme.  Although researcher is her title, she’s also involved in OPPA programme design and implementation. 

Through OPPA, the goal of reducing the amount of plastics leaking to the ocean might be achieved is something that she’s really looking forward to see. Generating positive impacts both to the environment and society motivates her to go to work every (working) day.

Before SecondMuse, she was involved in two different plastic projects, the first one focuses on the microplastic pollution in the water bodies in Java and the other one is to utilise solar energy to recycle plastic wastes. Last year, she participated at The Biochar Project in SSA as a research fellow. There, she analysed about the climate change impacts of biochar usage by the smallholder farmers. Integrating sustainability tools methodologies and knowledge in the academic world into the real world is what motivates her to be in this area of work. In SecondMuse, implementing some of the sustainability tools will be valuable in particular when evaluating the social and environmental impacts of the innovations in the ecosystem.