Director of Global Development

Lena is an international development professional with 18 years experience. She is engaged with the design and management of social innovation programs at SecondMuse as Director of Global Development. Lena has been engaged in some of our largest global initiatives since 2011 and continues to builds programs with foreign aid agencies, corporations and NGOs. She is particularly interested in creative methods of community engagement that emphasize cooperative learning, self-reflection and participatory decision-making.

Through her various consultancies and from her early beginnings at UC Berkeley and GW University, Lena has avidly researched human rights, poverty alleviation and new urbanism. Prior to joining SecondMuse, Lena was a USAID contractor for complex civil society programs in the Middle East, managing budgets up to $400m. Before that, she worked with city leaders to develop agendas for democratic governance and racial justice.

Outside of work Lena volunteers with newly settled refugees and children’s activities. Lena uses her human-centered design and facilitation skills to support both large stakeholder convenings and small neighborhood gatherings. She has travelled and worked in 50 countries and speaks 4 languages.

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