Finance Manager

Heidi is Finance Manager at Secondmuse and also spends a substantial amount of time in company operations and HR. Her work supports smooth financial functioning across three global entities, and operational alignment spanning time zones and cultures.

Though she started out with a science emphasis in her career aiming to address environmental issues, life circumstances forced a hiatus that led to a number of years in Main Street business management. When that chapter closed with an extended maternity leave, joining SecondMuse enabled her to achieve her goals as a new mother while maintaining a career that emphasized the advancement of civilization. A strong believer in the principles of collaboration and unity in diversity, and with an interest in ecological and systems thinking, Heidi was deeply attracted by the approach of SecondMuse to advancing efforts to solve the toughest challenges faced by humanity. The full range of challenges addressed by SecondMuse make her work in the company meaningful as she continues to maximize her impact from within.

Outside her work day, Heidi prioritizes family, leads local children’s activities, enjoys mountain biking and hiking, travel, gardening, and practices the Japanese tea ceremony.

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