Chief Financial Officer & Managing Director of SecondMuse Capital

Chad is the Chief Financial Officer at SecondMuse and Managing Director of SecondMuse Captial, where he is responsible for capital, finances, legal and enabling infrastructure. As a business professional with 25 years’ experience in management, systems design and technology, he strongly believes collaboration is fundamental in addressing complex problems and creating global prosperity. His work at SecondMuse includes designing and managing funds and capital mechanisms to advance social, economic and environmental justice. Chad has worked closely on many complex and pressing challenges, co-creating programs with NASA, the World Bank, USAID, Nike, Intel, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation. 

Chad is motivated by a belief that the fundamental purpose of business is to contribute to the advancement of civilization and that collaboration is one of the most useful ways to address the complex problems the world is facing. Towards this end, he seeks to generate insights and understanding of the systems and markets we operate within and collectively identify and advance paths to address key opportunities. This is the basis of much of his work, driving his engagement in programs like LAUNCH, Futureworks and NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge. 

Prior to founding SecondMuse in 2008, he worked in Mexico as executive director of a public foundation, served on the startup team of an online university in Iran, and ran a knowledge management company in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

He holds a BA from Purdue University and MBA from the University of St. Thomas.

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