Project Coordinator

Catra is Project Coordinator for SecondMuse Indonesia. His work includes supporting the Platform Manager in conducting research to identify needs, and services related to recruitment of incubator clients and affiliate members or other assigned areas of responsibility. Plans, coordinates, and setup the CSI in cities with Platform Manager; ensure appropriate tools and resources are available and used for the successful operation related to CSI program in cities.

Catra is an entrepreneur & design enthusiast with experience in business and engineering. He lived and worked in Qatar on a LNG plant and he was a geothermal scientist and business development for a state-owned energy company. His passion in community, design, and sustainability are the basis of his work in convening network towards collaboration to make an impactful result.

Not related to work, Catra enjoy sports, books, movies, music and popular culture. He is also a community organiser in Jakarta’s underground electronic music scene. He ran his own record label and collective in Jakarta as a platform to express his passion in music.