Carla is an Associate at SecondMuse, supporting on all aspects of the LAUNCH program. Much of her work is focused on understanding and navigating the intricacies of a global network, as well as identifying opportunities and partners for collaboration and systems challenges. Since joining the team, Carla has supported on numerous LAUNCH projects and challenges including the LAUNCH Food Accelerator.

Carla strongly believes that shared goals and personal connections are key to solving global challenges, and she is passionate about helping to uncover that common ground. Previous to SecondMuse, Carla managed operations for a healthcare nonprofit focused on providing bicycle ambulances and mobile hospitals to rural areas in Uganda. She has also worked with to better understand how machine learning and analytics can be used to improve the visibility of global social change movements. Her experience in both the tech and nonprofit worlds have given her a unique perspective, which she leverages to build and support a culture of understanding in her work.

When she’s not at work, Carla enjoys traveling, and is a member of the San Francisco chapter of the Impact Travel Alliance. She loves exploring the burgeoning food scene in Oakland, and contributing to the community through a number of local organizations.

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