Yasmin Valentin

Program Associate South West Florida

My role at SecondMuse is full time Program Associate. That means I will be assisting in a variety of tasks here in South West Florida. The main  project I will focus on, is the Southwest Florida Community Sourced Incubator (CSI). I will be partaking in  the logistics and management of our large production workshops, pop ups and meetings. Our CSI builds around individuals, entrepreneurs, and startups that already exist but lack connectivity or visibility in some way. We will create a CSI that will deepen and expand our economy!

My passion is in change. I was born and raised in SWFL and I have seen countless friends and businesses move away for more opportunity and a “big city” scene. I want SWFL to be what we, the citizens, need and want. I know that through grass root businesses we can achieve a more united community. If we can help our creatives feel supported and actually be supported, then we can create a city where no one would want to leave. We would see who we are through the culture. Whether it be weekend events that support the arts and music, or a mac n cheese cook off at a local brewery. Everything we need we have here. We just need to “KINECT” everyone in order to accomplish that. I know SWFl has so much potential, we have so many amazing creatives we just need to get everyone in our community to see it.

Being a local myself plays a role. My fiance pioneered a movement in our city of Fort Myers/Cape Coral, targeted to showcase our city’s existing talent. Local places to eat, drink, hang, local musicians, etc. I have been his right hand women. I have been in charge of planning and coordinating for our events and I have also taken part in the finance side.

I am excited to start coordinating our kickoff, workshops and pop ups. I love taking a bland space and making it into a place that feels welcoming and ready for productivity. I know that SWFL is in dire need of a connecting piece and we (KinectiveSWFL by Secondmuse), are here to make the vision a reality.

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