Vania is an Associate for Secondmuse where she creates opportunities for growth in the arena of community engagement in the city of Battle Creek. Having been born and raised in the city, and well versed in the avenue of Entrepreneurship she has a unique perspective that allows her to connect with community leaders and members in the most genuine way.

Her passion is birthed from the personal connection of being a young, driven and creative individual that yearns to see their surrounding climate change. The belief in the ideation that anyone can succeed if they are exposed to the right resources and a community of support. That notion has inspired the line of work that has lead her to Secondmuse. Being a young entrepreneur, brought to light the importance of being  surrounded by strong mentors and community. Individuals who not only offer encouragement, but who also instill a sense of hope. Aside from her personal work, Vania has worked closely with local organizations to establish strong connections to the youth in her community.

I’d like to share a quote of myself…

“We are born Creators. Being a creator means that you have vision… The essence of creation is life, evolution, and innovation. If we are to live, we must create.” – Vania Word

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