Tony wears two hats with SecondMuse. The first being to help rationalize and guide all the various kinds of research we do in support of our programs and projects. The second is to actually do research work on certain projects. The former is a (mostly) internally facing project and the latter helps us and our clients frame the challenges as precisely as possible to provide the best chance of achieving desirable results.  

One professional goal has been and continues to be using the social science for social good. Social science has been relegated to “the academy” for far too long, often by academics. But there’s a power there. In his past, he tried hard to focus his efforts on work where he believed tech could reduce human suffering and increase overall human welfare. Currently, he is very much interested in creative, progressive and positive projects that address seemingly intractable social problems or challenges.

Workwise: He love, love, loves fieldwork. Personally, he likes weather, especially wind. He likes to sleep outside if he can. He walks and runs (all weather), and rides bikes (fair weather). He does not like rock climbing or vertigo inducing heights. He appreciates a terrific cover song.


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