Varsha Kalavar

Business Development Associate San Francisco

Varsha is a Business development associate for SecondMuse. Her primary focus is on helping build the capacity needed within the company for growth and scaling. This includes engaging in conversation about the direction of our company’s growth strategy, supporting high priority opportunities across the company and leading the research, identification, and coordination of opportunities with teams across the company

Varsha is passionate about utilizing economic sustainability and innovative partnerships to eliminate social inequities globally. Her past consulting analyst experience both globally and locally through her time as a Market Research Analyst at Second Harvest Food Bank and a  consulting fellowship, which centered on using social entrepreneurship to help eradicate poverty for marginalized communities, made her believe that innovative solutions already exist in every community she has worked in. It is a lack of access to resources and tools that hinders these innovative solutions from changing the world. She believes that bridging that gap means working with social enterprises all over the world get to market and lay the foundation for their local economies.

Varsha holds a BS in Public Health and BA in Economics from Santa Clara University. In her free time, she enjoys traveling to new countries, exploring local food scenes, and dancing in the rain. Her joy and inspiration come from meeting new people all around the world and hearing their stories, which then motivates her to do the work she does at SecondMuse and beyond.

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