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Sandhya Dovedy

Project Facility Lead

Sandhya is a Project Facility Lead at SecondMuse based in Singapore. Her work focuses on The Incubation Network (TIN), which seeks to prevent the flow of plastic waste into the world’s oceans while improving the livelihoods of women and girls working in waste management systems. In her role, Sandhya implements processes and tools to ensure all projects are efficient, seamless and gender-inclusive.

Sandhya is passionate about building and shaping solutions from the ground up and has spent several years working in the tech space where she has implemented and grown solutions in companies such as LinkedIn, Grab and WeWork. Over the years, she has also gained experiences working and living in different countries across Asia, Australia and the United States. Sandhya also cares deeply about gender equality and runs a non-profit called Like a Girl which empowers young girls and boys to build a more inclusive world. Like a Girl’s goal is to raise awareness on ingrained gender biases, offer a supportive online community and take what’s become an insult and turn it into a message of empowerment.

While she isn’t working, she balances her time between being outdoors and indoors. She loves travelling, swimming, playing badminton and hiking with her dog (Peeta!). She also loves relaxing at home with a good book (usually around Feminism), a glass of wine or playing lots of Nintendo Switch!

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