Renni-Widya-1 - Renni Widya Sari
Renni-Widya-2 - Renni Widya Sari
Renni-Widya-3 - Renni Widya Sari

Renni Widya

Senior Associate

Renni Widya is the Senior Associate for Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator Program in Surabaya. She is responsible for planning and implementation of Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator Program activities in Surabaya. Her work focus on network development, partnership development, external communication, and event management in order to build an innovation ecosystem in Surabaya to reduce ocean plastic pollution. 

Renni is passionate about community building and how can her job create an impact on the community. I worked in an NGO before focusing on how to create sustainable impact by facilitating some training and collaborating with various actors addressing some issues. I used to provide some training to the community members to improve their skill in cording to create opportunities for them to improve their livelihoods. 

In her spare time, she enjoys singing,  travelling, and exercising. She loves to explore the world to meet people with diverse background and makes memory together.

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