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Jenny Mualhlun

Incubation Associate

Jenny is an Incubation Associate at SecondMuse’s Morning Light project in Battle Creek, MI. Her work is mainly centered around providing support to growing entrepreneurs in the Battle Creek area. She does this by first identifying what needs an individual has for their business. Then she helps them come up with strategies to meet their identified needs. Finally, she establishes and supports relationships by connecting individuals with resource providers in the local community.  

Jenny is passionate about empowering individuals to become the best versions of themselves. She believes that one of the best ways a person can do this is to establish their own business. Starting a business allows someone to fully step into their purpose in life and make a real impact on the world. Jenny’s philosophy is that the growth and success of any business come down to the entrepreneur’s mindset and character. If she can help them have a tenacious, passionate, and altruistic character, they can withstand anything that comes their way. In her previous experience, she has been involved in serving her community as a whole and specifically serving underrepresented minority groups within her community. She has done a lot of work in her professional career to foster good relations between different groups and individuals to create a more collaborative community.

Jenny cares deeply about diversity, equity, and inclusion, especially for her Burmese people. This is why she recently founded the Burmese Business Hub, a local support group for young or prospective entrepreneurs from the Burmese community here in Battle Creek.

Jenny grew up in Mizoram, India, and moved to Battle Creek when she was a teenager. This city has since become the hometown she knows and loves. She speaks, reads, and writes three languages fluently. When Jenny is not working, she loves to sing, cook, workout, explore, and read.

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