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Dani Bicknell

Program Manager – Headstream San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Dani is the Program Manager for SecondMuse’s youth health and wellbeing innovation program, Headstream. Based in San Francisco, Dani works with cohorts of social entrepreneurs, known as innovators, around the globe to scale their impact. Dani helps manage the success of the participating innovators to challenge existing solutions and push for changes in public policy or conscious private sector alliances through SecondMuse’s network partners. Dani has over a decade of experience working in cross-sector collaboration to build more inclusive economies and prepare the next generation for the future of work. 

Dani is passionate about using education as a force for social good and she has a background in financial technology, education, startups, and gender equality. 

Before joining SecondMuse she was a Social Impact Advisor at UC Berkeley and Program Manager for an early-stage social impact accelerator. During her career, she was on the founding team of LendUp, a financial technology company, worked as a program specialist for the gender equality division at UNESCO’s headquarters and advised international organizations and companies through her own social impact consultancy. 

She has a Bachelor’s in International Economics from the University of British Columbia and a graduate degree from the University of Pennsylvania. Dani is driven by a lifelong passion for empowering girls and women through economic empowerment initiatives and cross-sector educational opportunities. Her experiences living and working in North America, South America, and Europe have equipped and provided her with opportunities to work with diverse populations and learn from stakeholders of all backgrounds. Dani believes in education without borders and using cross-cultural learning to create a world that works for all and not just the privileged few. 

Dani is an empath by nature and a life-long learner. She grew up in the Bay Area but has lived in Canada, Peru, and France, and considers herself a citizen of the world. She speaks French and Spanish, and loves learning words in other languages that cannot be translated into English. When Dani is not working, she loves traveling, volunteering, cooking, gardening, and hiking. 


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