Director of Commercialization

Tariq is the Director of Commercialization at Second Muse and focuses on supporting entrepreneurs to develop strategies for commercialization and scaling. This work is about helping visionaries makes their goal reality through a step-by-step methodology for taking their product or service from a concept into the market. The SecondMuse methodology has been proven and tested over several years and we leverage these learnings to better recognize the critical levers for growth across the evolution of a company.

Tariq is passionate about the connection that is made between people and enterprises; where the connection changes the participants and shrinks the differences between us. He has lived in many different cities and finds that empathy and patience are key to building trust across borders. At SecondMuse, we are virtual and local at the same time, where building that trust is essential to growing together and aligning visions.

Tariq has lived overseas for 10 years, moving between London, Beijing and Stockholm and is happy to be back home in Philadelphia. After living in big cities for much of his life, finding calm in something between a suburb and countryside is rejuvenating.  

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