Stacey Weismiller

Program Manager NYC

My role at SecondMuse will be working on the M-Corps program, focused on Cleantech Startups in New York State as well as working on new initiatives to grow the ever changing market of emerging economies around hardware and scalable manufacturing.

Relevance externally?  Creating new economies, filling market gaps, creating pathways for growth in traditionally difficult industries, expanding the understanding of urban manufacturing and its relevance to tech and innovation.

Work and impact: Creates impact by bringing together communities that traditionally wouldn’t work together to solve problems.  This work allows new, innovative companies to tap into resources right in their backyard to help solve market gaps whether this be in scaling their product, testing for market validation or finding the right company or investor to bring their ideas to the marketplace.  This work also will continue to reiterate how important it is to continue to invest in manufacturing, as it still plays a critical role in the development of new economies. 

Growing up in Western PA, I have a deep passion for understanding manufacturing and how it plays a role in our infrastructure, systems and innovation as a country.  This is certainly the reason I decided to study architecture and urban planning and pull upon this academic experience when looking at how we build programs like M-Corps.  Working at GE within supply chain allowed me to understand more of those systematic approaches to “making” and was able to see how products and innovation collide across the globe.  As for New York City, I spent the past 3 years working on programs and industrial real estate platforms for the NYCEDC.  Bringing my professional and personal experience together to create these intersections between innovation and manufacturing will be pivotal in my time here at SecondMuse.  I believe we have so many new economies that can be built off of these areas of interest and look forward to building these connections especially here in New York City

I’m a talker, love discussing new ideas and working alongside businesses.  Love strategizing and looking into Macro-economic trends

Love to volunteer

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