Senior Director of Strategic Programs

Neisan Massarrat is the Senior Director for Strategic Programs at SecondMuse, with over 11 years of experience in international development and business innovation. Neisan has worked with Fortune 100 corporations, governments and Multilateral Development Banks, including Intel Corporation, IDB, NASA, NYCEDC, DFAT, USAID and the World Bank Group.

His expertise covers corporate strategy, innovation management, entrepreneurship, big data and public-private partnerships. Neisan has worked across multiple sectors, from urban development to climate resilience, disaster risk management, high tech and data innovation. He has developed and executed over 60 projects across more than 30 countries, including the global platform NASA International Space Apps Challenge and Intel’s big data strategy.

Neisan is passionate about addressing complex development challenges through collaborative approaches, strategy and new technologies. Prior to SecondMuse, Neisan was a senior consultant on corporate strategy at Germany’s development agency GIZ. He is based in Washington, DC.

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