Matteo Chiampo

Technical Director

Matteo supports the development and implementation of The Incubation Network. He provides technical input to identify and accelerate solutions to prevent ocean plastic pollution in South and Southeast Asia, and contributes to developing ecosystems that promote positive social and economic impact through innovation in technology, business models, and regulation.

Matteo is passionate about bending the current linear economic model into a shape as close to a circle as possible, to reduce humanity’s impact on Earth’s life-supporting systems.

Working and living in several developing countries in Asia, Matteo has experienced first-hand the urgency to accelerate the transition to a more equal, inclusive, and sustainable economic system. His work at Eko India Financial Services, a pioneer in providing basic financial services to the unbanked and underbanked, and his consulting on financial inclusion for CGAP, an office of the World Bank, contributed to this transition. Today Matteo is keen to amplify his contribution through The Incubation Network.

Matteo splits his time outside the office among his family, long-distance running, and enjoying the outdoors, with the occasional food- and wine-heavy trip back to his native Italy.

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