Manager of Storytelling and Engagement

Matt leads storytelling and engagement at SecondMuse, where he is tasked with using digital platforms with communications and marketing approaches to amplify SecondMuse and its innovators, programs, and partners. His work at SecondMuse has included leading communications to engage the community for NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge, reaching 40 million people in 2017, as well as events like the LAUNCH Circular Innovation Summit hosted at Nike World Headquarters and the White House Open Data Innovation Summit, translating elements of both in-person convenings to a digital setting.

Matt has been fascinated by the the role of narrative in driving global impact, stemming from his work in the sexual assault advocacy space. In working on his projects, he aims to apply a human-centered approach to understand what matters most to target audiences and how to empower them to engage in issues that matter. He has found that it’s not as simple as sharing data; it’s a matter of understanding what motivates your audience and appealing to that, often through the use of stories. Today, he is dedicated to using stories to inspire people to take action.

Prior to joining the SecondMuse team full-time in 2016, Matt led digital advocacy campaigns for Honda and Digital Learning Day. His efforts have successfully reached tens of millions, encouraged the FCC to modernize internet in schools by $1.5B, and driven Congress to facilitate compensation for pre-1972 musicians not receiving royalties.

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