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Klaus Oberbauer

Program Manager Surabaya

Klaus is the Program Manager for the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) in Surabaya. He enjoys the work as he gets to coordinate an awesome team to support improvements in the local waste management system. In Surabaya, we’re convening a cohort of diverse waste management actors (community businesses, NGOs, associations) to help them improve their work and create collaborative projects. Around that group, we are building a network through events, networking, hackathons and a range of other activities. We get to meet and collaborate with inspiring individuals who share our passion for improving waste management.

Klaus is passionate about connecting people to improve systems. He finds it fascinating to see how much can be achieved through building the right relationships and creating mutual understanding. In the case of OPPA, we do this to create a shift in the economy towards seeing plastic as a resource, rather than waste. Plastic is actually an incredibly useful material, but if the disposal is not managed correctly, it creates a lot of harm. He finds it very exciting to contribute towards reducing these negative effects by creating a circular system where someday each piece of plastic gets reused, rather than thrown away.


Before joining SecondMuse, Klaus worked on the development of social innovation ecosystems. That experience was quite similar to the work at OPPA, and he is fascinated to see how concepts can be adapted from one context to another.

Klaus likes understanding diverse cultures. He has lived in 8 countries, and it is always a great adventure to immerse himself into a new environment. He also works as an intercultural trainer to share his knowledge and help others to appreciate a different culture.

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