Justin Andert is the Community Manager for SecondMuse’s Community Sourced Incubator in Battle Creek, MI. His work is centered around storytelling and using communication channels to inspire entrepreneurs in Battle Creek. Communicating the successes and challenges of entrepreneurship through storytelling helps create a supportive entrepreneurship ecosystem. This is an important step to building an equitable economy of the future.

Justin is passionate about making sure everyone gets a fair shake. Many of the entrepreneurs served through the SecondMuse Battle Creek program are coming from backgrounds of oppression. He is excited to use communications to help level the playing field and instill confidence in the people served through our incubator program.  It takes bravery to take on entrepreneurship and there are stories to tell in everyone’s journey. Justin has been involved in serving underrepresented populations for a bulk of his professional career. He looks forward to the opportunity to use storytelling to help those who are disadvantaged find opportunities to create wealth.

Justin has spent the past few years being heavily involved in the Battle Creek community. His project Color the Creek has overseen the creation of over 20 public art murals throughout blighted areas of Battle Creek. He is excited to continue this project to create positive energy and spark the creative spirit in his community.

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