Global Communications Associate

Ina is a Global Communications Associate at SecondMuse. In her role, she helps to build the SecondMuse brand, implements marketing and communication strategy, and grows SecondMuse audience. Through creative content creation, she is not only aiming to promote the work of SecondMuse, but also to increase the audience understanding of SecondMuse’s unique approach in tackling the world’s most complex issues.

Ina brings 6 years of experience in marketing, strategic communication, and content development. She started her career as a digital marketeer before leading various social campaigns in a non-profit organization and social enterprise focusing on women empowerment in rural economic development. Passionate about solving social and environmental problems, Ina continues to learn about sustainability, climate justice, and gender equality.

Based in Bali, Ina enjoys her time in nature, whether it’s a peaceful sunrise walk on the beach or rock-climbing the foothills of Mount Batur. Inside the house, she likes watching movies, reading books, and recently finding joy in cooking Indonesian traditional dishes.

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