Project Associate

Duala Oktoriani is a Project Associate for SecondMuse Indonesia. She is responsible in the setup of Ocean Plastics Prevention Accelerator in Surabaya. Her scope of work is to develop the networking and building strategy with multiple stakeholder, plans and coordinate the events, support in program design, and manage the knowledge related to ocean plastics.

Duala has a deep passion in community development. She has been worked for 6 years in some NGOs-INGOs with several issues, collaborate with so many fabolous people across Indonesia to empowering the community and build the sustainable impact. She also has some experience as a journalist in national mass media for almost 2 years.

I spent a lot of my time traveling across Indonesia especially for hiking, sailing, and swimming at the sea. I really enjoy the overland trip and little bit crazy of Led Zeppelin and other 60-70’s music. Books and movies are my best companion and lullaby.

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