Project Associate


Atika is Project Associate for SecondMuse Indonesia. Her work includes conducting the need-finding research for Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator (OPPA) program. This involves supporting the team to bring the entrepreneurial ecosystem concept into reality, facilitating collaboration of experts in the research, and managing data collection process.

Atika has vast experience in last mile consulting and market system development program, in which she learned that complex system cannot be solved by a linear solution. The collaboration of relevant actors to create a more resilient ecosystem is the key.

In OPPA, she elaborates the concept of ‘entrepreneur ecosystem’ in waste management issue into the real program that can tackle the problem in this complex system. Together with the team, she develops our own theory, design our own methodology with iterative process that we believe as the strength of our action research, facilitate the collaboration of stakeholders that want to address the plastic problem, and further we will influence other cities in different countries to replicate our work.

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