Design Researcher

Dita is Design Researcher for SecondMuse Indonesia. Her work includes developing methodologies for needfinding as well as project impact measurements. She currently leads the research for Bali CSI: Sustainable Fisheries and Seafood and an upcoming waste management-related project in Java.

Dita is passionate about listening to users’ experience, understanding their challenges, and trying to come up with win-win solutions to these challenges by way of data analysis, collaborative sessions and workshops. Describing her practice, Dita said she acts as a bridge that connects the company, stakeholders, and the users themselves. She finds communicating, bringing them together, and balancing interests of different parties both challenging and exciting.

Before joining SecondMuse, Dita worked as a UX Researcher for a Jakarta-based startup called HappyFresh. Prior to that, Dita was working in the market research industry as a qualitative researcher for almost 4 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management.