Kinective by SecondMuse: The Application is Live!

SecondMuse collaborates with visionary corporations, foundations, and entrepreneurs in Southwest Florida to help build 21st-century economies.





Kinective by SecondMuse is proud to launch it’s first entrepreneurial program in SWFL.


SecondMuse started ten years ago as a radical experiment to build new economic relationships without employing competitive frameworks.


Some of our projects include:

Space Aps: NASA’s annual global hackathon innovation incubation program


Futureworks: Helping accelerate the growth of hardware startups and advanced manufacturing entrepreneurs in New York City


M-Corps: Helps New York cleantech startups manufacture and get to market.


And now we are excited to be heading to Southwest Florida as we launch our first entrepreneurial program. If you are a creator, innovator, or entrepreneur in SWFL we invite you to apply.

The Details: Over the next 5 months, Kinective by SecondMuse will help champion, accelerate and support the growth of startups, nonprofits and creatives in the local area. 


We couldn’t be more excited to select the inaugural class of ten purpose-driven changemakers interested in building a stronger region for the future. 


Areas of Focus: How to build a profitable, scaleable, and sustainable business.


Program Dates: August 2019 – December 2019


Deadline to Apply: June 14th (interviews take place in July)


Interview Invitations: June18


Interviews: June 21, 24 or 25
Inaugural Kinective Class Notified: July 1 (!)


Your business is a good fit when you have
*An established business model that supports good job creation


*The capacity and commitment to fully participate


*Demonstrated product/market fit and traction 


*A scaleable business model with tangible expansion opportunities

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