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    Seafood Innovation Project has just announced its first cohort of Innovators. Starting from February, selected Innovators will participate in an accelerator program aiming to improve sustainability in Indonesia's seafood sector.

    SecondMuse’s first ocean project in Indonesia, Seafood Innovation Project (SIP) is aimed to build an innovation ecosystem to improve the sustainability of Indonesia’s seafood sector. As an archipelagic nation with 54,000 kilometers of coastline, Indonesia’s massive ocean resources have been integral to the social and economic life of the people and key to the success of the country’s seafood sector. However, Indonesia’s seafood sector is currently under immense threats due to overfishing, exploitation, and unsustainable fishing practices.

    Over the past three months, SIP has been seeking the most promising innovations and has placed a global call to address some of the challenges in the sector. Selected Innovators will participate in SIP Community Accelerator, a tailored business support program which will support innovative solutions and scale them to market. Today, SIP announces its first cohort of Innovators:

    Their innovations, ranging from a peer-to-peer lending platform, a light-emitting fishnet, to an AI-based mobile application, are potential answers to three challenge areas that exist within the sector: innovative financing, novel technologies, and market demand creation.

    From February to October this year, the Innovators will journey with SIP Community Accelerator, receiving access to pathways for funding and new markets, mentoring sessions and a range of workshops. Through the program, the Innovators will be connected with SIP Network which includes experts and key players from the seafood sector, to foster impactful collaboration that drives significant change for the sector.

    The cohort of these 6 Innovators was selected from a pool of 80 applications consisting of startups, organisations, and individuals from 10 different countries. The application was opened for innovation at a variety of stages, from early prototype development to commercially-proven-solutions with potential for impact in Indonesia. Here is a little snapshot about the applicants:

    Learn more about SIP Innovators here.