SecondMuse News: October 2022 – SecondMuse

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    ICYMI: Our monthly roundup of what we've been up to, from launching an interactive State of Entrepreneurship web report to reflecting on calls for justice in Iran and beyond.

    In the last few weeks, we’ve had justice on our minds as we’ve followed news from Iran and began sharing the interactive version of our latest study, which paints a bleak picture about barriers to entrepreneurship. Read on for details about both, as well as updates about our programs and events.

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    News & Events:

    • Co-CEO Todd Khozein Expresses Solidarity With Women of Iran
      In an impassioned LinkedIn post, Todd reflected on calls for justice coming out of Iran and explained why he believes that “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
    • New Interactive Web Report Distills Highlights from 2022 State of Entrepreneurship Study
      The interactive web version of our latest study allows users to explore some of the most entrenched barriers to entrepreneurship people from historically marginalized backgrounds continue to face.
    • For ClimateTech Named Clean50 Top Projects Award
      For ClimateTech was recently named one of Canada’s Clean50 Top Projects, an honor that recognizes some of the country’s leading sustainability-oriented projects.
    • Join Us Virtually at the Headstream Innovation Festival
      Join us virtually on November 3-4 as we celebrate the conclusion of the Headstream Accelerator. Innovation Festival guests will learn more about the digital wellbeing ecosystem, solutions in the market, and our involvement in it.
    • Read Future Economy Lab’s Collective Ownership Summary of Findings
      SecondMuse Capital just published key insights from a Future Economy Lab focused on barriers to collective ownership.
    • NASA International Space Apps Challenge Saw 31,400+ Registered Participants 🚀
      On October 1-2, thousands of people came together for the International Space Apps Challenge! The 11th global hackathon welcomed 31,400+ registered participants from 162 countries and territories, tackling 22 challenges.