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    Regenerative Monterey Insights Report

    The Regenerative Monterey Insights Report presents key insights from four significant sectors – Tourism, Construction, Agriculture, and Blue Economy – giving rise to limitless possibilities in creating a prosperous and sustainable future.

    The report reveals how these industries are grappling with certain circumstances. For instance, the laudable $3 billion tourism industry contributes to overcrowding and fueling an “us versus them” tension between locals and residents. Consequently, there is a need for greater awareness of environmental incentives. A challenge the construction industry faces is the proliferation of greenwashing, which is coloring a very grey area when trying to implement best regenerative practices. Farming comes with its own intense challenges too, as one farmer phrases it, “I’m fighting not for myself but for my children.”  Lastly, the blue economy is seeing a decline in kelp forests that provide food and shelter for commercial fisheries, presenting a grim outlook.

    The Regenerative Monterey Initiative will demonstrate what is possible to build a more regenerative, equitable, and diverse economy that integrates all socio-economic levels, new ideas, and reshapes traditional business sectors to become social and environmental leaders – building relational wealth.

    The initiative was supported by the SecondMuse Foundation and a pool of donors.


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