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    Digital Delta Interactive Data Map

    Digital Delta is a free crowdsourced research tool, managed by Headstream and powered by SecondMuse, that identifies fundamental contributors to adolescent wellbeing in digital spaces.

    The tool was created based on the realization that digital landscapes weren’t designed with youth wellbeing in mind. To identify the most promising areas for improvement, our team surveyed more than 800 people working to improve youth wellbeing from Headstream’s community of entrepreneurs, innovators, youth, investors, researchers, policy makers, educators and builders.

    By using Digital Delta, our team identified 13 of the root factors from their research that highlight the impact and opportunities to advance youth wellbeing.

    About Headstream

    Headstream, powered by SecondMuse, is a national innovation program focused on creating a just and thriving digital economy that supports the wellbeing of young people as they grow up.



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