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    Climate Co-Investor Tracker

    The Climate Co-Investor Tracker was launched to better track the funding flows, gaps and opportunities in the climate tech space. Designed and developed by SecondMuse and Vibrant Data Labs, supported by NYSERDA and Impact Alpha, and drawing on data from Crunchbase, the tool takes users one step closer understanding how the ecosystem operates.

    As one of the first tools that filters VCs based on their investments in startups mentioning equity and climate justice impact, this tracker exposes the gaps of funding for marginalized or underrepresented founders, empowering founders to strategically select their investors. The Climate Co-Investor Tracker collates historical investment data from Crunchbase up to March 2022, with LinkedIn profile data and information from investment recipients, instead of investor reporting. This paints a more realistic portrait of the landscape, based on activity over aspiration.

    This detail helps drive a better understanding of the climate tech landscape on a number of fronts: identifying partners to invest with, highlighting clusters of expertise for the benefit of investors, startups and policymakers alike, as well as discerning sources of funding and advice.



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