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We invite you to explore the positions listed below and to apply to work with our team – to build strong communities and influence local, regional and global networks, and to add your expertise to our growing team and portfolio.

From Brooklyn to Singapore, our programs span geographies, scales and sectors. What makes us different? Ours is not a zero-sum game. Our focus is not the next unicorn; we are building economies where everyone succeeds. Our expertise is in facilitating a process, not dictating solutions. Our method enables communities to work towards a prosperous future that is all-inclusive, where everyone has a voice, including the planet itself.

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Director, Climate Tech

We are looking for a full-time Director to lead the delivery and strategic growth of our For Climate Tech programs along with other NYC-based opportunities. The Director will oversee two flagship startup accelerator programs, the Scale For ClimateTech program which has been running since 2018 and served 69 entrepreneurs across four cohorts, and the Venture For ClimateTech program which has been running since 2020 reaching 40 entrepreneurs across three cohorts.

This role is responsible for managing a team of three full time employees and oversight for contractors and implementation partners. The Director will be responsible for partnership development and stewardship across delivery partners, the Advisory Board, strategic collaborators and our clients who include government, philanthropic and corporate entities.

The Director should be NYC-based, bring a dynamic climate perspective and network, and/or be knowledgeable and networked in the startup and manufacturing sector. The Director will work closely with the Senior Vice President of North America and program advisors to build and execute a long term strategy for this body of work, and will work closely with the SecondMuse Growth team to secure adjacent and complementary opportunities to expand our current program model along with scaling the programs to new locations and sectors.