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    SecondMuse's programs, across sectors and regions, are designed to generate lasting impact to better the world.

    At SecondMuse, we have one goal: to bring together communities to build economies that benefit people and protect the planet. Consider us building an ecosystem at the intersection of companies, governments, organizations, and communities striving to change the world. From the ground up, we design, develop, and implement revolutionary programming across the globe, all intent on creating an impact to better the world.

    For ClimateTech: Scaling Climate Tech Solutions

    The planet is facing a climate crisis. One of our main programs, For ClimateTech, understands that better than anyone. Launching and manufacturing climate tech products is a considerable challenge, and at For ClimateTech, we provide them with the relevant tools, training, and access to scale their solutions. We do this through two distinct programs: the Scale program supports growth-stage innovators to scale their production, while the Venture program supports earlier-stage innovators in getting their companies off the ground. Through the program, we are building a global community of entrepreneurs, innovators, corporate partners, and investors to assist these innovators in aiming to solve the climate crisis.

    The Incubation Network: Curbing Ocean Plastic Pollution

    The ocean also plays a vital role in addressing the climate crisis, absorbing 90% of the excess heat caused by climate change. But our oceans are choking on plastic. Specifically, 400 million tons of plastic waste are produced each year, so it’s no surprise the oceans are suffering the consequences of such consumption. Enter The Incubation Network, an initiative that aims to create a circular economy around plastic waste across South and Southeast Asia, thereby reducing plastic leakage flowing into our oceans. Not only are we connecting startups with policymakers, organizations, and investors to scale their solutions, we’re also partnering with local organizations to address social issues in the waste sector. In a region where waste management systems rely heavily on informal workers and where women workers play a critical role in this sector, our initiative ensures that their health and well-being are being cared for.

    GET Cities: Advancing Gender Equality in Tech Industry

    Women are already underrepresented in the workforce, but in the technology sector, there is so much inequity that talent, drive, innovation, and potential often go untapped. GET Cities (Gender Equality in Tech) believes the answer lies in its inclusive tech hubs that create impact at the city level to encourage and invite more women, trans, and non-binary people into the tech industry through education, career development, and entrepreneurship. Through programs directed at showcasing the benefits of including women, trans, and non-binary people in tech with a network of supporters, GET Cities knows that the answer to a more inclusive tech world lies in setting the stage for everyone from every sector to get involved. Already in three cities across the U.S., including Chicago, DC, and Miami, GET Cities hopes to expand its reach across the country to create a more vibrant tech economy.

    Headstream: Creating a More Meaningful Digital Experience for Young People

    The development of the tech industry is also affecting young people. Youth today face a different challenge than those who did not grow up inundated by social technologies, especially teen girls, BIPOC teens, and LGBTQIA teens. How do we navigate the profound effects that such technologies have on them every day? Enter Headstream, a program that aims to create an inclusive, enriching, and meaningful digital universe where young people can become participants in the development of social technologies to uplift and empower them. Through actively providing support for teens’ needs, Headstream builds an ecosystem that empowers young people to improve their experiences online.

    Space Apps: Building a Global Community of Solution Builders

    What if you could build innovative solutions to the challenges humanity faces not only on Earth but also in space? Space Apps, the world’s largest annual hackathon, allows participants to do just that. Using NASA’s free and open data, scientists, coders, designers, inventors, tech developers, and emerging innovators can create solutions to real-world issues. In this two-day challenge across 180+ territories, thousands of global citizens participate in hundreds of local events to solve problems submitted by NASA experts. In doing so, participants developed more than 30,000 prototypes of their solutions. This hackathon encourages the next critical thinkers to not only feel inspired but to think big, solve local problems in a collaborative atmosphere, and connect with communities on a global level. More people and more ideas equal more solutions.

    Future Economy Lab: Designing Financial Inclusion, Beyond Numbers

    The latest Future Economy Lab, “Abundantly Investing in Girls, Femmes, and Gender Expansive Youth of Color,” aims to invest wholeheartedly in ensuring they are given the proper tools, opportunities, and support to become leaders in their communities. This approach dismantles the social and economic disparities that often impede them. And when we say invest, we don’t mean just in numbers. We mean beyond finances. Investing in emotional well-being. Investing in spiritual awareness. Investing in intellectual ability. So that dreams can be pursued as funders, educators, and policymakers harness their tools to encourage this community of girls, femmes, and gender expansive youth of Color. In partnership with Grantmakers for Girls of Color, we hope to implement a financial system within underserved communities where the present system simply does not cut it. By investing in millions of girls, femmes, and gender expansive youth of Color, we could truly change the world. 

    Collective effort and collaboration are the heart of our work. While our conviction and passion call us to brave a new path forward, we remain keenly aware that we cannot, and should not, do it alone. Over the last decade, we’ve partnered with cities, governments, and organizations that are planning a future with limitless possibilities. We have directly supported more than 735 ventures, enabled $325 million, and prototyped over 30 thousand solutions. Let’s keep at it. 

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