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    ICYMI: Our monthly roundup of what we've been up to, from launching a new accelerator to prepping for the latest NASA Space Apps Challenge.

    Last month at SecondMuse, we shared some of  our thoughts about how to keep the passion alive while working to address some of the world’s most complex issues. We’ve also been busy doing just that — working to bring passion to these urgent issues through our new Future Economy Lab in the U.S., waste management accelerator in South and Southeast Asia and so much more. Read on for a roundup of what we’ve been up to across the SecondMuse universe. 

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    Articles You Might Have Missed:

    •  How Leaders Can Help Employees Live Their Purpose At Work
      In an article published by Forbes, SecondMuse Co-CEO Carrie Freeman delves into the reasons why organizations should empower employees to “fulfill their ambitions, self-actualize, and be the best they can possibly be.”
    • Working Toward a World Where Everyone Can Show Up And Thrive
      To mark #MentalHealthAwareness Month, we shared how we prioritize mental well-being in the communities we’re engaged with through our program work, and within the walls of our own organization.
    • In Indonesia, Driving Solutions to a Global Ocean Plastic Problem
      Three years on, we shared the story of how the Ocean Plastic Prevention Accelerator grew from a small program in a single metropolitan area to a suite of initiatives that has prevented 25,540 metric tonnes (51 million pounds) of plastic from polluting the environment.

    News and Events

    • SecondMuse Capital Launches Future Economy Lab for Collectively-Owned Organizations
      SecondMuse Capital, in partnership with National Cooperative Bank (NCB), One Project, and Zebras Unite Coop, launched a Future Economy Lab, which aims to identify and address challenges faced by collective and inclusive ownership organizations, like co-ops and credit unions. You can read more about the Lab and its potential to make economies more inclusive in this article.
    • Headstream Opens Applications for Youth Advisory Board 
      Headstream opened applications for its Youth Advisory Board (Y2I), a  5-month virtual program in which Black, Indigenous, Latinx, youth of color, and LGBTQIA+ youth serve as advisors for the Headstream Accelerator.
    • The Incubation Network Launches Accelerator to Drive Solutions to Plastic Waste
      Our initiative dedicated to ending ocean plastic, The Incubation Network recently launched SCALE 100(t), a new accelerator program to divert an additional 100 metric tonnes of plastic waste annually. The program caters to startups and waste management companies operating in South and Southeast Asia with solutions that divert, collect, sort, or recycle plastic waste to increase their processing capacity by the end of 2022.
    • NASA International Space Apps Challenge Looks for Local Leads
      In preparation for the next iteration of the  world’s largest annual global hackathon, NASA and the Space Apps Global Organizing Team have opened up applications for Local Leads. These leads work with participants and volunteers in 160+ countries, champion Space Apps in their community, and serve as a thought leader in their city’s space, tech, innovation, and creative communities.