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The SecondMuse Way is about building resilient future economies – economies that provide for both people and the planet. SecondMuse started ten years ago as a radical experiment. We wanted to see if we could build new economic relationships without employing competitive frameworks. We had a theory of change rooted in collaboration and inclusion, and a vision of a prosperous future that was just and equitable for all. We tested our theory first with the World Health Organization, and then with Nestle, and have been refining and expanding our methodologies ever since.

Our model describes seven emergent social forces which include; cohesion, adaptability, intentionality, diversity, connectivity, density and accessibility. Within these broader emergent social forces lie seven ecosystem attributes. These attributes include capital, markets, policy and regulation, infrastructure, support services, culture and history, and human resources.

Our process of understanding innovation ecosystems is based on a deep and purposeful engagement with the actors within the ecosystem. We do this by applying a mixed-method approach that draws on sociological, anthropological and design research techniques. These efforts result in a ‘diagnosis’ of the ecosystem, identifying both strengths as well as opportunities to leverage additional value within the community of innovation.

Once an underlying picture of the ecosystem emerges, we then collaborate with actors within the ecosystem to design programs aimed at strengthening the innovation community. These programs – designed to meet the unique needs of each ecosystem – employ a range of tools and strategies targeted across the full stack of innovation. Programming can include implementing incubators and accelerators, running global hackathons, managing innovation challenges, and designing and deploying investment funds.

City & Regional Incubators

build more agile and resilient economies by deepening and expanding innovation communities in a region or sector.

Startup Accelerators

customized advice, guidance, visibility, network access and assistance in areas such as investment, strategy, marketing, legal and technical expertise.

Innovation Challenges

utilize competitions and a diverse ecosystem of stakeholders to source a broad range of solutions to problems within a sector or geography.

Global Hackathons

engage a broad global or local group in collective problem-solving events to create prototypes and novel solutions to pressing problems.

Fund Management

provide the capital resources needed for innovations within a sector or geography to scale and maximize their impact potential.

Innovation Strategy

well-informed community-based strategies and programs for the creation and advancement of new economies.
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